The pressure is on HR departments all over the world. They are taking on a more strategic role in their organizations while dealing with a rising wave of employment and data security regulation that drains time, attention, and resources. Many organizations have implemented digital solutions to streamline processes, such as HR Information Systems (HRIS) or Human Capital Management systems (HCM). New software, however, has done little to tame the paperwork monster. If your team is exhibiting any of the five symptoms listed below, it is time to consider implementing a robust end-to-end document management system seriously.

  • Your HR department is too preoccupied with administrative details to act strategically:

HR is transitioning from an administrative back office to an organizational strategic player. However, HR teams continue to spend 60% of their time on routine paperwork, while strategic initiatives account for only 10%. Your team must keep accurate and up-to-date records throughout an employee’s career, even if they shift from one unit or physical location to another. A best-in-class document management system can consolidate all forms into a single, searchable repository that shares data with your HRIS or HCM solution as well as other HR software. What was the result? Spend less time searching for different documents and more time developing the talent your business requires to compete effectively.

  • Your unemployment costs are out of control:

Illegitimate unemployment claims must be challenged with thorough documentation within a short time frame—increased costs resulting from a failure to respond effectively. Every successful claim affects your company’s experience rating in the United States, increasing state premiums by $4,000 to $7,000 over three years. An end-to-end document management system ensures that employees’ employment and performance records follow them wherever they work and can be accessed quickly and efficiently to challenge illegitimate claims.

  • Due to the resources and time required to locate needed documents:

Responding to external and internal audit requests can be just as tiring as filing unemployment claims. An auditor may ask for a single document type for multiple employees, such as all I-9 forms. How quickly can you provide this documentation if asked? If your department’s work comes to a halt due to these requests, you’ll need a single point of access to any of the HR documents, whether they were created on paper, in digital files, or on multiple HCM or HRIS platforms.

  • Your document storage procedures do not meet current regulatory standards:

Employment laws dictate which HR records must be kept and how they must be handled, from creation to destruction. The complexity increases when you operate in multiple jurisdictions. How can you be confident that each employee’s file is up to date? How do you keep track of when documents, such as certifications, are about to expire?

A content-aware, automated document management system can detect gaps and even send requests to employees to update documents before they expire.

  • GDPR and other data security regulations have caught you off guard:

If you do business in the European Union, you are probably aware that the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance deadline- May 25, 2018. GDPR is an elite data protection regime with penalties for non-compliance of up to 4% of global turnover. However, GDPR is only the most recent data protection regulation, and it is far from the last. Your document management system should ensure the safe-keep of your sensitive data and compliance with government regulations and corporate governance requirements, regardless of where you operate. Documents should ideally never leave the system. Rather than emailing or printing papers in response to audits and other requests, HR administrators should be able to give those who need them limited online access. Furthermore, for a complete audit trail, the solution should record every access and action taken on a document.

The Cure:

Suppose your HR department is suffering from document chaos, wasting time on administrative tasks, and putting you at risk of heavy fines or rising unemployment costs. In that case, the prescription is simple: “Docupile”- a comprehensive, end-to-end document management system that gives your team complete control over HR documents and allows them to focus on work that has a genuine impact on your business motto.

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