Project management is a diverse domain with virtually limitless applications at all scales. There is a straightforward, scientific relationship between the amount of money invested in Project Management and the organization’s success.

The backbone of project management is task optimization and continual improvement. With this in hindsight, it makes absolute sense for small and medium-sized businesses to be able to match advanced project management tasks using a simple, low-cost solution such as Docupile’s DMS for Remote Project Management.

Best Remote Project Management Practices

The hurdle now is to complete these steps while everybody is working remotely. Managing a project, whether remotely or on-site, may also differ from one company to the next. However, by following the best practices outlined below, you can improve the efficiency of your system.

  • Invest in the Right Tools:

The significance of using the right online resources when functioning remotely cannot be overstated. The efficiency with which the team collaborates is determined by the tools used and how they are used.

Although there are numerous project management tools available, you will also require platforms and applications. A few necessary tools are listed below:

  • The project management tools assist small project groups in breaking the project down into more minor activities, set milestones, assign roles and responsibilities, and monitor performance online.
  • Online whiteboard/ canvas tools aid during conferences or prepping sessions to use visuals, graphs, and sketches to explain what you have said. These tools offer sophisticated visual working space for virtual teams to work on, like in-app teleconferencing and real-time mouse monitoring and change teaser, making collaborative work even more accessible.
  • Document management tools help you keep all project-related documents and resources in a centralized online location that is easy to access from all devices from anywhere. Tools like OneDrive, Google Drive, and others make it easier to maintain authorized users’ access to all company records.
  • With the tools for communication, you would have to use a chat platform and a video conferencing tool to keep a team linked throughout the assignment. Slack, Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, and MS Teams are some of the most popular management team communication tools used across the globe.

How To Achieve The Best Possible Results

  • Accessible To Set Standards:

Microsoft Excel and Word, which come with Microsoft Office 365, can create production schedules, milestones, priorities, item handoffs, and so on. Place all of that data in an archive and set up timed alerts to notify different users and groups of due dates and deliverables.

  • Actual Performance Observations:

You should be able to examine Audit Trail logs, which keep track of every alteration generated by participants, even if they have only previewed it. This allows you to see how far ahead your team is on which assignments.

Whenever a task is completed, its outcome can be recorded in a deliverables database. You can link a finalized document to a requirements specification so that searching for one brings up the other, and you’ll see how near to the configuration the task has been completed.

  • Corrective Measures:

When a task is fully operational, there will almost certainly be observations that will aid in the completion of a job more productively or eliminate inefficiencies and difficulty from current programs. The aim would be to save both time and resources – ideally both simultaneously.

For experienced project management teams, virtual project management is more of an art form. Unless an urgent matter occurs, we generally don’t give great attention to using remote tools. However, if you’ve not tried such methods yet, now is the time to do so. They operate to improve efficiency and reduce extra person-hours by providing different options that are often ignored.

With Docupile’s Document Management System, make your Remote Project Management and storage understandable and accessible. Contact Docupile and learn more.

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