Non-profit organizations are a vital part of society. They offer various services and programs for the public but with limited funds and resources. NGOs can benefit from cloud-based document management software by saving money on paper, filing space, remote access, time spent searching for share documents, and other organizational challenges associated with managing files manually.

For successfully achieving an NGO’s mission, potential reach and growth, it is essential to look for document management software. It allows serving people in a more logical and systemized manner and ensures managing the workflow and business processes is much more productive and efficient.

This article will discuss five benefits of NGO’s using DMS systems to help make their non-profit funds go further!

Simpler Process of Auditing

Different Federal Acts and Compliance Rules govern NGOs, making accounting a critical component for improvement.

It is easy to organize financial documents based on revenue, volunteer applications, and expenditure with DMS.

Document Management Software for NGOs allows you to store all your bills, receipts, version control and invoices securely in the database and reduces time spent on accounting.

DMS software also includes audit trail features that track who accessed and modified the files and when they are accessed.


Don’t let a lack of funds slow down your non-profit; Document Management Software for Non-profits provides affordable, efficient solutions to keep your NGO running smoothly.

Limited funds and budgetary constraints are a constant challenge for non-profit organizations. Even though the average worker goes through low costs per year, additional charges are sometimes overlooked, such as file cabinets, printers, and office supplies. It does not even

include the extra costs involved with manually organizing, filing, and retrieving documents which consume a significant amount of time and budget.

By scanning the records into a DMS, the users save money, free up space, and eliminate costly paper-centric processes. DMS software automatically indexes the data to avoid spending hours filing or searching for documents.

Reduces paper usage and related costs

Are filing cabinets taking over your document management solutions NGO workspace?

Non-profits deal with a constant flow of paperwork. Sponsoring agreements, tax forms, donor receipts, and volunteer registration forms are some documents that flow in regularly. All of that paper has to go somewhere. Therefore, many organizations struggle with physical storage and safe non-profit management system. In addition to the space requirements, paper documents are vulnerable to disasters such as fire, flooding, and theft. Document management software for non-profits eliminates all such issues. Hard copies are scanned and stored securely in the cloud, so there is no need to keep them on hand. It means fewer file cabinets and more room for staff and volunteers. As a bonus, digital document management solutions for non-profits also reduce the organization’s environmental footprint.

Think about how much money will be saved when purchasing more storage space for your storage needs.

Not only can you reduce physical filing cabinets by converting paper records digital, but you can also simplify the search, creation and compilation of information to organize your work better.

No longer will you have to invest in paper products, printer maintenance, ink, toner, and storage for your non-profit.

Utilize that amount in more suitable ways to progress and develop your NGO.

Document records management is a way to avoid the hidden costs a non-profit organization can accumulate when it works with bulky, traditional paper files.

Easy form submission

Easily create customized web-based forms through the eForms creator, integrated into your document management for non-profits.

With a range of customizable templates, users can create and edit accurate forms for your non-profit that are precisely branded to the company.

  • EForms are advantageous because it features an easy workflow for data submission, which will keep volunteers happy to donate more time.
  • Data will have to be submitted only once, with fewer information fields.
  • After the surrender, these forms are captured into our document management repository and fully indexed by data.
  • Users can automatically route incoming forms and send them for approval by issuing automated workflow commands.

Stay secure and in compliance

Document Management Software for Non-profits helps your non-profit organization easily track donations. Keeping good records is extremely important.

Why should donation support for your non-profit be spent on anything unfulfilling the cause? Records not being up to date can significantly hinder your non-profit. Security measures for Document Management Software include using permissions to encrypt document content, user security settings, audit trails, and more. Your non-profit can function with assurance and confidence that no documents are being mismanaged.

Document management software allows a non-profit association to track confidential petitions, including donor records, volunteer agreements, and tax returns.

Regardless of your organization’s size, employees’ not having the right DMS software could be a massive time-waster.

Document management software for non-profits will help NGOs get the most from their spending.

Non-profits are required by state and federal laws to adhere to data retention policies and keep detailed records of donations and other financial transactions.


Non-profits maintain a high deal of confidential information, including staff information and donor records. It is why cloud-based document management systems use cutting-edge technology to protect valuable data. Most providers employ various defenses like firewalls, encryption software, and techniques that keep unauthorized parties. By using multiple layers of security, the system enables files to be safe and secured. When compared to traditional hard-copy storage, the online system offers increased safety. The file cabinets and storage room might slow employees, visitors, volunteers, and building workers in an office. With a digital document system, one can manage who has access. The user can also set permissions so that sensitive and confidential data is only accessible to employees who need it.

Have you ever lost a physical document due to human error? Digital solutions offer built-in security against human errors and accidents. Most systems run automatic backups, ensuring there is always another copy of files on a second server. If an employee deletes a file or the primary server crashes, one can ensure that the documents are safe. The system backs up daily to reduce risks and ensure compliance in various cases. Efficient document management helps non-profits in conserving valuable resources. If you require a better plan, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with our solution specialists. Our team of experts understands that non-profits have special requirements for document management. We can help you determine if the solutions can enhance the documentation, save time, and reduce costs.

Apply it to your non-profit’s processes and procedures, and you can make more of a difference.

To find out how Document Management Software can benefit your organization, Save time money, and get organized today!

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