There is a lot of confusion between document storage and document management applications. You should know which one will work best for you, but it’s hard because they both sound so good.

Online document storage is a solution for companies looking to share and access files electronically from anywhere, anytime.

With the rise in digitalization, many organizations are looking to automate workflows or business processes. Proper document management applications can offer solutions and ensure that necessary data is always there with you.

Document Storage Solutions only Allow:

  •  Entering your documents into an electronic application.
  • Search for the appropriate file and document type by searching at a basic level (i.e., folder name, date).
  • To access documents on the internet, you need a username and password.
  • Ensure you protect backup Documents with a secure and durable data storage facility.

Document Management Applications Allow:

  • With the Text Search function, you can quickly search for words or phrases in your documents. It is similar to how Google works.
  • To keep things running smoothly, follow the flow of documents from user to user.
  • Automate document approvals with custom alerts and reminders.
  • To comply with record management requirements, create an audit trail and retention schedule for documents.
  • Securely collaborate with others by controlling which version of the document each person sees.
  • With scheduled alerts, you can set up an alert email or text message before each document is due so that users know when they need it in advance.
  • With this feature, you can automatically archive emails for future reference.

When opting for a solution, it’s essential to consider the flexibility of whatever system you choose.

With Docupile’s scalability, you can purchase the right solution for your business at any time. Flexibility is crucial in building a sustainable and robust future with growing needs. The software’s advanced features help with time-consuming tasks and reduce costs by using electronic signatures for contract management.


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