With the growth in the capabilities of Enterprise solutions and workplace management capabilities, the debate on whether Document Management Systems should be considered as a part of Digital Workplace or not is on the rise. Many experts state that Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Systems have taken the place of Document management systems. Though some still believe DMS can be placed in Digital Workplace. Where? – Is the question.

Many international organizations have reported that enterprises are still struggling with using Document Management systems at their workplace and most of them still are in the uncertainty of whether to use DMS or ECM.


Enterprise Content Management cannot get considered as a single entity/technology or process. ECM is a collaborated and customized software solution of strategies, workflow, and methodologies to fulfill vast arena of enterprise requirements such as to scan, analyze, capture, store, share and preserve the information developed in the enterprise and other cycles.

ECM enables the searching process in structured and unstructured data within a document. It is a vast area of technology, and a single terminology can’t define the complete process structure.

However, a Document Management System is more saturated towards handling documents within an enterprise. DMS is a software solution to scan, store, manage, share, export and track digital documents and encourages paper-to-digital documentation. Generally, documents are stored in an unsearchable format such as PDF.

Even though enterprise solutions have been around since the 1990s, many enterprises report the lack of knowledge to implement such systems. Almost 39% of organizations are uncertain about whether they even need such a system or not. Researches have shown that organizations suffer from solutions that are not able to meet the computational needs and are in a desperate need of an upgrade.

Cloud-based Document Management systems can prove as a practical solution for enterprises that lack in-house storage space. Cloud-based systems provide virtually infinite storage space with a well-planned cost-structure.

The research concluded stating that since management solutions are becoming more and more business-critical with time, ECM/DM need to stay up-to-date keeping in mind the organizational needs and technological advancements.

Criteria required by a Modern Enterprise Solution:

  • Mobility: With ‘work-on-the-go’ culture budding in modern companies where employees prefer to work in the open rather than sitting on a chair inside a cubicle, versatility of an application is essential. Access from anywhere, anytime for product development is crucial. Along with mobility, speed and less search time of documents are critical to getting faster results.
  • Smarter and based on Search Pattern: Digital applications must be reliable and intuitive. Applications must give suggestions based on user’s search pattern. The tools must explore capabilities to make user work smarter. Also, tools must provide real-time data relevant to tasks.
  • Pooled and Secure: Professionals work in a collaborative culture where sharing of resources is crucial. Enterprise solutions must provide cross-collaboration and secure file sharing system to ease the user’s need. Security of documents and access controls to authentic users is a must in a file sharing system.

These points must be checked for while taking services of an enterprise solution.

Nuance – DMS with Speech Recognition

Nuance provides professional enterprise solutions with recent speech recognition technology – Dragon Speech Recognition Solutions. Through Dragon’s fast and reliable speech-to-text services such as write, edit, send a document and much more. Dragon’s professional packages almost eliminate the use of a keyboard.

Through Dragon’s professional-grade dictation solution, a user can use Nuance from iOS and Android, and dictate and edit documents from anywhere, anytime. Speech recognition increases efficiency, and personal preferences can reduce time.

Need – A Complete Document Management System

With the business-centric approach of an enterprise solution, it is of utmost priority to get a document management system that supports a complete range of document generation, shared pool, user interaction, and access control management. Digitization is not just opening a document as PDF, but a vast arena of functions are satisfied.

Document management systems should provide professional business collaboration by keeping track of various processes. Generally, important business documents are edited by multiple officials within the organization, are shared internally and negotiated with the customer. The same document is shared with that customer or partner and signed.

Document management systems should make the final document/contract acceptable to customers of all kinds. A fundamental principle of digitized documents is to maintain customer transparency and provide satisfaction to its users.

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