It’s clear that companies are embracing digital transformation to meet the challenges of “new normal”. Docupile is a step towards ensuring the continuity of business operations, that is, day-to-day operations, workplace processes, customer service, document processing, and other forms of communication. Our DMS benefits workflows by streamlining business processes, accelerating data acquisition 15% more efficiently, and processing data 10% more timely and cheaper.

Until now, the COVID-19 pandemic forced people to leave office in haste and move to a remote workplace. Some are back to work as usual, but many are committed (to some extent) to extended or permanent remote work. Paper documents do not make this fundamental change much more comfortable working remotely.

When companies start planning for a “post-COVID work model,” many people become serious about being paperless. They realize more than ever that paperwork is a barrier to flexibility, efficiency, and business continuity.

  • Smart Solution:

Businesses need to digitize their paper documents quickly. Still, amidst this unprecedented epidemic with uncertainties, companies neither have the appetite nor the ability to buy expensive software, hire new developers or hire new developers, or the ability to invest in retraining its employees. Some recent data indicates that developers are becoming more productive during the epidemic; Scanning hundreds of documents for a business before reopening it safely for any developer. Fortunately, innovative solutions have emerged for small businesses to solve the problem quickly and efficiently for businesses.

  • Lesser Virus Transmission Risk:

Now organizations are rethinking paper money amid fears of the necessary viruses and social distance daily. When organizations reopen, they will need to limit face-to-face contact, eliminate telephone teams, reorganize production facilities, and encourage employees to work remotely. It will also be necessary to reduce direct connections with customers and partners. As a result, going paperless seems to be a reasonable step in COVID-19.

Reducing the risk of spreading the virus is a new and essential reason for mobilizing paper documents and encouraging the traditional arguments for a paperless office that focuses on cost savings, efficiency, fast response, error reduction, and employee productivity.

  • Time Conservation:

Docupile’s Document Management System can save companies a lot of time and money in data entry and paper submissions during this effort. Docupile also helps businesses run more efficiently and identify new revenue streams. Especially a robust and inexpensive solution. The time consumed to finish up “paperwork” can be saved, and more productivity could be achieved by investing time properly.

  • Cost-Effective Pricing:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic effect on business operations, companies are hesitant to invest in projects that require considerable investment. However, Docupile’s DMS has pocket-friendly access for the companies that can be used to solve this problem. Additionally, cost-effectiveness allows you to monitor your future spending better, prevent over-collection, reduce the gap between billing cycles, and get a clear idea of what you are bringing within a given period.

  • Centrality:

As papers spread throughout the workplace, there is no central source of truth and understanding. Critical information can be in a folder (or recycle bin), forgotten and inaccessible. Digital information ensures that this information is integrated, organized, and accessible to everyone, which are also the main characteristics of a “data-based business.”

With an easy to understand Document Management System, Docupile allows businesses to create as many digital documents as they need to make their organization paperless. Your organization has Docupile for digitizing all sorts of paper scripted information in an organized infrastructure.

Docupile helps companies reduce the amount of paper they use. More importantly, these document management solutions optimize the way companies use digital data, turning it into an asset to strategize, improve business processes, adopt business models, stay competitive and flourish amidst a worldwide pandemic and not be left behind.

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