Managing documents has become one of the most critical tasks of any organization. In the digital era going paperless is the way to go. Companies, startups, enterprises they all want to go paperless. In the day to day operations, you may have hard as well as soft copies of documents. You will be losing maximum time in managing and organizing these documents.

Document management is every action taken within an organization regards to the creation, distribution and deletion of documents. A DMS is a computer program based system. Use the digital document management system to track, manage and store documents and reduce paper usage.

You can efficiently manage documents like invoices, agreements, production information, bills, contact information, resumes, etc. Storing such vital information in DMS form will help you retrieve the documents quickly. This system is most successful in the healthcare sector where e-records of patients are needed while medication and tests. Is far more comfortable to extract the medical reports whenever is necessary with a DMS.

Most organizations do not realize the amount time and documents they spend on managing documents. Keep the records in the right place and category are the most significant challenges. Adopting DMS software can optimize your process and save the time for your employees.

Different names for DMS-

  • Document Information System (DIS)
  • Content Management and Knowledge Management
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
  • Digital Assets Management (DAM)
  • Integrated Document Management (IDM)
  • Electronic Document Management (EDM)

You want to reduce operational cost then you should consider an application that would take care of your document management. In any business, documents are used in full. No company can run effectively without document usage. In the past, they did not have any other option than storing in paper form in an unorganized way. But in today’s era, they can do it organizationally with the help of document management software. Businesses can also go for DMS application. DMS application is available in ERP applications.

The process of document management :

The method of document management is straightforward and almost same with every organization. Docupile uses the following components for the management of organizations.

  • Capture Document: Capture document and bring them into the system.
  • Storing Documents: We store documents and categorize those as per the type of materials. You will access these documents on a regular basis whenever needed.
  • Retrieving and distributing papers: Retrieving of documents is very important for you as you can require them anytime. When you deal with electronic records, it is highly essential you deal carefully and retrieve the right documents using your system. Follow indexing mechanism to access the correct document.
  • Security: This is to be considered as the most vital factor while dealing with documents. These documents are essential information about your company. If you are going for a cloud-based document management system, make sure it is a secured DMS. You can set restrictions on others as far as access is considered.

You can compete for hassle-free with this software. You will be using an app to store, index, protect, retrieve the documents. You can know the status and location of the documents without putting any extra efforts. The dashboard will display the status. You can restrain any user to access your application.

How document management will improve productivity-

There will be different types of management systems in the office environment. Document management system is considered as the core management system. The smooth running of any workplace is centered around the documents created and information provided these documents. In today’s tech world Document Management System are precious like gold.

Check out six ways you can improve your productivity with Document Management System-

1. Superior Capture, Indexing, and Retrieval of Documents-

These are the foundation of Data Management System (DMS). Though most of our documentation is from inception, digital, you always have a hardcopy whether older, recent original documents or recent printouts. Features like OCR (optical character recognition) ensures hard copy capture and can even copy electronic information. DMS makes the storing process simple and mostly automated. Indexing can be achieved using sources like metadata, barcodes and word indexes built from the content of the documents. Your files are now sorted by all the chaos. You can search and retrieve them in multiple ways like a breeze.

2. Increased security, document safety/backup, and forensic abilities-

Another area of concern is the security of the files in the DMS filing system. Digital security includes password protection and techniques like encryption and data loss is more effective than any lock and key system. You being the system administrator will get to choose how much access shall be granted to which individual. Unlike any paper documents, your digital documents won’t be destroyed in any natural calamity like floods or human-made disaster like a fire. The cloud storage system will protect your documents from any server loss. Auditing capabilities will help you keep a track on who has accessed and edited any document.

Compliance has become a significant issue for any organization. Compliance with legal and industry regulations is made easier as you can regularly check all the vital information. You can stay updated with the changing compliances and update them in your system with a DMS.

3. Multiple employees can efficiently work on a single document-

In any workplace, essential documents will go through many drafts before the final version. In a traditional setting either a document is worked on by one employee and the entire department has to wait for the document to reach them or there are multiple copies made and they are combined to the final print. Both the ways are time consuming and inefficient.

DMS posses a check-in and check-out feature which permits multiple individuals to work on the same document at the same time. Whenever a user checks out of the document to work on it when the file checked in again a new updated version with all changes in it will be created. This is versioning of documents. Versioning ensures retaining all previous files created. Prevents loss of information.

4. Electronic workflow results in increased productivity-

The features are made by electronic workflow are the secret to significantly increased productivity. Activities like employee leaving the desk or getting on the phone with another department can be directly done within DMS. The leaving of work screen to use inter-office email can be alleviated. DMS permits you to make notes and update employees on the file status. The system will tell you if the file is approved, under review, etc., with annotations on the document itself.

5. Integration with other systems exponentially increases efficiency-

DMS system can be effortlessly integrated with many other management systems. A favorite pairing is that of a DMS and print management solutions that streamline all document input and output management. At the topmost level of this system are fully integrated printing, scanning and device management solutions like the Canon’s uniFlow. There more highly advanced system available like the Canons IRIS that allows capturing multiple files like PDF, JPEG, etc., by using OCR and IDR systems. It also provides conversion of file type in HTML or Word. The process reduces manual data entry the results in dramatic productivity among employees.

6. Leverage the power of full-text search- The inherited problem while finding a file in the traditional storage system is the lack of full-text search. Example- You need to file a document for a particular client, but unfortunately you can’t remember her last name. But you can remember the name of the street on which her office is located. In a paper-based system, the information is not at all useful. After you have installed a DMS, you can type any keyword and it will bring up the file. You may have more than one client on the same street; you can easily distinguish them from each other.

Would like to have a more detail insight into improving productivity and maximizing efficiency through document management solutions? Contact us at Texas for a consultation today!

Conclusion- This way you can improve your productivity by your employees using proper document management application. You should make sure that the application fits in your business model.


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