Employees are the backbone of any organization. The better you are at managing them – and their data – the better off your business will be. If you automate HR document processes with a DMS, it’s hard to imagine what could go wrong! For those who don’t know, DMS stands for “Document Management System.” It manages documents by storing all of your company’s files in one place so that authorized employees or third parties can easily access them. We’ll explore how this system works with HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems) to automate human resources data management for businesses like yours!

What is DMS?

DMS stands for ‘Document Management System .’ It works by storing all of your company’s documents in one place. This is great for HR files because they can be accessed by employees, third parties and automated workflows!

Why use DMS to manage your human resources data?

It would help if you automated HR document processes by using a DMS because it will help you automate the following tasks:

– Receiving, opening and routing documents

– Tracking when files are opened or closed by recipients

– Ensuring accurate approvals with automatic reminders when due dates are approaching

Why integrate DMS with HRIS?

Integrating these two systems ensures employees have access to accurate information any time they need it, allowing them to do their job better. This also makes training new hires easier as well as saving time overall in an organization no matter the size of your business, small or large.

How does a DMS work with HRIS?

HRIS stands for ‘human resource information system .’ It is the software that an HR department uses to track employee information.

There is a lot of information in human resources files. This information needs to be stored somewhere easily accessible yet secure. With all this data at hand, it makes sense to automate many of your existing processes, especially ones you find yourself doing over and over again.

The best way to do this is by using an hr document management solutions with an HRIS solution.

A DMS can work alongside your HIRS processes by:

– Integrating with your existing HR systems and automating manual data entry

– Providing a central repository for all human resource files, reports and metrics

– Eliminating the need for manual file creation, updates and tracking

– Allowing HR to automate repeatable tasks that are delivered daily or even hourly

With Docupile’s automated workflows, rules are created for routing new content into folders or subfolders, which ensures that forms are stored in the right place.

Things to consider before integrating these two systems:

Before you integrate your HRIS and DMS, you should know some essential things about how they work first. Specific points are listed below to help you achieve success as it covers critical integration points such as security permissions, document management policies, routing rules and more!

Best practices include

  • A searchable index that is stored centrally on one server instead of being stored locally, which helps with reporting, auditing and compliance issues down the road when needed by senior executives.
  • Integrate files automatically from both sources into Docupile – Documents sent through email should be indexed too.

Docupile fits seamlessly with your existing HRIS and also increases its efficiency manifold times.

Integrate DMS and HRIS Today! Docupile enables you to automate your entire document management process so that users can easily find whatever they need, whenever and wherever, even from remote locations! Integrating our system with your existing HRIS or CRM will streamline employee engagement & increase productivity by allowing employees to access documents anywhere from any device, all securely behind a firewall, without worrying about how many people have access to these files.

Here are some of the processes Docupile enhances:

– Document signing for employment contracts

– Electronic signature of work emails

– File sharing between employees

– Secure file-sharing of sensitive information with third parties such as auditors and attorneys

Documents never get lost again! With Docupile’s DMS integration, there is no longer a risk of your HR documents losing in an outdated system. Docupile gives you the ability to automate any of your HR document processes so you can focus on growing your business!

Integrating with DMS allows employees, managers and admins to send each other files seamlessly through our platform using their own custom branded interface. Managers also have access to all the information they need about employees right at their fingertips- like where is this employee in terms of completing yearly reviews? Is he up for a promotion or not? If there are issues, what does everyone think should happen next? These questions can be answered by having quick access to the data most important to them without leaving their screen (like when browsing emails).

Let Docupile automate your HR document processes so you can focus on growing your business!

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