In the nonprofit sector, there are many challenges that come with trying to do more with less. The capacity for a nonprofit to manage and distribute resources effectively is one of the most essential features of any organization. This includes everything from donations to medical supplies. We’ll look at one business’s success story in using a cloud based DMS for non profit to help them better manage their resources in this blog post.

The first step in their objective is to provide these tools. Their task is to give these resources in the most efficient and effective manner feasible.

Nonprofit Success Story

The organization’s goal is to educate and assist others in preventing and controlling disease abroad. They are committed to improving health care for the world’s most disadvantaged people in countries such as Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, India, Tanzania, and several more nations.

The client is a leading business that designs and executes effective, hands-on solutions to improve healthcare delivery across the world. They collaborate with communities, governments, and organizations to develop long-term local health systems that provide people and societies a place to seek help, learn about their own wellness, and get healthy.

The Challenge

The ultimate aim of the center is to improve health systems throughout the world. They are always looking for new ways to help those in need around the world. This necessitates that they examine and sign a large number of separate papers, including cooperative agreements, grants, contracts, consultant agreements, leases, non-disclosure agreements, power of attorney documents and more.

Around five individuals, including inside staff, clients, and foreign partners, are required during the multi-step review and collaboration process.

The original method was a paper and email-based procedure, making it hard to collaborate and track. The transactions were delayed because documents had to be routed, signed, then faxed or mailed overseas.

The client required an electronic solution to speed up the review procedure, offer accountability, and provide visibility. They felt that their mission might be completed more effectively and quickly if they had a better contract management system.

The Solution Docupile’s Document control system for non profit was selected by the client to replace their manual review process in order to improve their overall business efficiency and better execute their crucial mission. They aren’t using any of these methods at all and instead rely on their document management system, Docupile OnDemand, which stores information in a secure off-site data center and allows remote access for authorized users via our online platform. The method logs user activity and provides version control integration.

They’ve also implemented automated procedures for reviewing documents with electronic signature capabilities, which is fantastic. The automated workflow improves contract performance, allowing them to work toward their ultimate aim faster: assisting struggling men, women and children in need.

The Benefits

The client not only completes contracts faster, but they are also saving money by eliminating the production, transmission, and delivery of papers. The savings may now be used to further the mission of lowering health risks and Saving Lives. They can also improve their operations by being able to launch faster and run more efficiently. This extra capacity will allow them to expand the company while keeping costs low.

The company is reducing its contract turnaround time, has a disaster recovery plan for its papers, and can fulfill regulatory requirements with ease. Their documents and data may be accessed by any of their international locations at any time. The Softmaker Document Management solution gives you the recurring support of Docupile experts and a platform that can expand with you as your needs change.

The goal is to direct the client’s whole attention toward what matters most: educating the vulnerable, preventing and controlling poor health, and saving lives.

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