Intelligent Document Management Systems have effectively helped businesses to eliminate stacks of paper and rows of documents. The simple, yet effective procedure of digitizing the document and storing it on a centralized database increases its shelf life for all future time. It also helps to retrieve a document easily from lakhs of documents thereby increasing business productivity and reduces expenses and time wastage.

Adaptive workflows and processes are the initiatives of implementing a new DMS in a company. Here are some of the techniques to optimize DMS for efficient use and optimal performance.

Choose the Right DMS

Firstly, choose the DMS that is best suited to your requirements. It may need a thorough study of all aspects you need to include in a Document Management System. For example, you can go with Docupile if you want to outsource the servers.

While choosing DMS, always consider the company’s pace of growth. The increasing number of employees and activities may soon make your DMS inefficient. A large number of DMS are available, make sure that you get the best competitive pricing in DMS. Most of the service providers provide 30-day free trial for experiencing their product. Go through as many as DMS products you can try.

Few DMS have limited features of automation and third-party integration facilities, so it’s crucial to consider researching before committing to any investment.

Train your Workforce

What’s difficult in the era of digital transformation is not implementing new technology, but the workforce to adjust with it. Businesses achieve new technologies but don’t train their employees to use the new system.

The employees must be teamed up in batches to undergo hands-on training on DMS before implementing it in the business. The DMS providers have skilled and experienced trainers and provide training services to the companies. It makes the knowledge transition easy and hassle-free for employees.

Collaborative Knowledge Repository

Many business firms suffer from ‘corporate amnesia’ which means the loss of collective corporate knowledge due to leaving of an employee or distributed workforce across the company. The solution to this problem is a collaborative knowledge repository.

Implementing collaborative knowledge repository though DMS can omit the chances of knowledge loss and maintains a much secured and robust warehouse of data. DMS provides a knowledge repository of all the document transactions done by employees so far. Detailed analysis of such threads can help improve the document positioning and authentication control across the DMS.

File Indexing

Document indexing is a process of tagging the documents with associated ‘search’ terms. It makes the document “searchable” from large databases. Without indexing, document management system is not complete.

The purpose of document indexing is to facilitate systematic search and retrieving the document faster. Without effective indexing, it is virtually impossible to extract the file from a massive pile of papers.

In a Document Management System with indexing capabilities, the user needs to search for the invoice number, and the document is made available. Google uses indexing for websites for the search engine. The size of Google’s website index is as enormous as 100 Million Gigabytes and keeps growing.

Set Access Controls

Undecided user access to the document can lead to fraud, privacy breaches and tampering of data. Therefore it is essential to restrict the files for reliable access. The administrator can assign employees of the same level in user groups and give limited access. Through this method, entry-level employees can differ in access to documents in comparison to senior authorities.

Workflow Automation

The best DMS software provides automated workflows that can be used to recognize the documents that are received and need to get forwarded to higher authorities. Setting reminders for workflows will help achieve consistency at work. A user can create even customized workflows in high-end DMS according to a variety of process flows.


If you’re searching for a DMS, we have the right choice for you. Docupile is a world-class Cloud-based Document management solution for small, medium and large enterprises. Clients of Docupile have stored over 5 million documents securely. Docupile also provides expert support and have a dedicated assistance team to manage any of your queries. Request a Demo for more information.

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