An office desk full of files and papers is the thing of the past. Most businesses are going to a paperless office in an attempt to streamline efficiency.

Going paperless is also going eco-friendly therefore many companies are converting to paperless systems.

Instead of having stacks of paper lying in the office cupboard, businesses are now digitizing their office paperwork by installing a good DMS system.

A paper free office may require some efforts to get used to the technology. But the effort is worth the technology that will bring ease, organization and mess-free documentation system in the company.


1. Easy to locate documents

Through digital documentation, it is easier to find the files whenever you need them.

Consulting projects generate a lot of information over the years and now you can search this information within seconds, retrieve notes and presentations.


2. Eco-friendly

Apart from digitization benefits gained by the company you are protecting the environment and doing your bit towards society. This will save trees and produce less pollution.

With this, there is no need of any courier services on a regular basis. This will indirectly help to control air pollution and carbon emissions.


3. Improved collaboration and teamwork-

A modern office is dependent on teamwork for most of its projects. With DMS systems the team members no longer need to circulate paper documents among each other because a project document does not have a single author all team members need to update and write their ideas and work.

By using a document management system there will be improved collaboration as the team members will not have to circulate paper documents with red ink all over it.


4. Space saving

Well you know with the paperwork you will have to create a bigger office space for storage of the vast number of files due to paperwork. To eliminate space acquired by all filing cabinets you should go for a DMS.

A single hard drive can hold a few cabinets of paper files which saves you a  whole lot space.


5. Improved Accessibility

In paper documents, you are limited to one report circulating among all employees. This is restricting access to all employees of any document as anyone might have to wait for days to get that document if any other employee uses it.

Nowadays most workplaces offer work from home and flexible office timings schedules. Therefore your documents should be flexibly accessible to match the timings of all employees. A DMS will help your employees have the documents whenever they need.


6. Customers Love It

A great DMS system will create a good impression on your customers. Your customers can now do all their paperwork on their mobile, tablets like IPad and Macbook.


7. Increased Security

A considerable advantage of shifting to a paperless system is the added security. The DMS technology has the option of tracking each file and even assign some special privileges to essential individuals in your organization who can read the documents.

This will give you the leverage of providing proofs to your clients or auditors in today’s world where lawsuits or legal action do not take time.


8. Always Accessible

You are at a critical conference, and you need some vital information about your company immediately all you need to is a phone, laptop, I-Pad whatever is available at that moment and you have all required documents in your hands. DMS gives us 24/7 accessibility to any document, i.e., any document anytime.


9. Enhanced version control

If you have ever tried to change from one design to another design, you will know the difficulties when it comes to documentation. But in an electronic document system have their versions controlled and the most current documents can be accessed first and the other versions of the documents are saved for archive purposes.

Version control has the option of audit trail, through this you can see who and what changes are made.



Being in this software and internet world shifting to a paperless document management software is the most logical thing to do. Save your time, money. Enhance efficiency in your employees. Have a coordinated team which will build fantastic teamwork.

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