When it comes to construction technology, there are two main choices: hosted or on-premise. Both options have their own set of benefits and drawbacks, so it can be difficult to decide which is the best choice for your organization. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of a hosted cloud based dms for construction and help you decide if that is the right choice for your business.

According to a recent poll by Raconteur, 70% of construction firms believe that those who do not embrace digital transformation and migrate to a construction cloud solution will go bankrupt. But why?

Here are five major advantages of upgrading to a hosted solution that may persuade you to consider moving into a hosted construction environment:

1. Accessibility Is Good For Your Bottom Line

You may access critical reports such as job expenses and other financials from any place or at any time. This leads to rapid, accurate forecasting that may assist you in making quick, money-making decisions. This is accomplished by including simple web-based tools in the hosted solution, which makes data access easier and faster.

2. Greater Productivity Leads to More Visibility

According to McKinsey & Company, cloud-based contractors increased their production by an average of 14% to 15 percent as a result of digitally changing to the cloud. A hosted solution, where the data is kept in the cloud, gives you more information about what your project looks like. You can see this information quickly and make decisions that will help you be more efficient.

3. Increase Data Security and Save Money

7.3 days on average for ransomware incidents, with each hour of downtime costing $100,000 per hour, according to Cover. Also, according to DataCenterKnowledge, only 43% of organizations that suffer significant data loss are able to reopen. That’s not good. Many building firms do not appear to have a data security department on staff. To help limit or almost entirely avoid a cyberattack, Docupile has added protection and infrastructure. Another advantage of utilizing a hosted solution.

4. Pivot quickly to avoid business disruptions

Remember how the power outage in Texas took out part of the state’s electricity grid? If your company is based in a high-risk location, you’ll have to have an even more solid disaster recovery plan. By using cloud software, it’s possible to avoid data failures and outages from natural catastrophes caused by servers being housed in various low-risk locations. However.

5. A majority of data losses are caused by hardware failures. This Can Be Avoided.

Hardware failures and data losses are the most common reasons for outages, according to Seagate. Hardware failures don’t usually affect cloud-hosted environments and their data, which is one of the features that many on-premise solutions lack.

Are you confused about hosted cloud solutions and on-premises systems? The Docupile can assist!

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