The internet is a wonderful thing. It’s also the most dangerous place on earth. If you’re sending document files to people, it is possible that they can be leaked. This puts you in great jeopardy, especially if the information you are trying to share is sensitive or of financial nature or is related to a high investment good such as an automobile. Hence, it would help if you tried a way to secure your files in such a way that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Here are some tips for securely sending documents over the internet:

1) Password protect your document files

You can protect document files with passwords. This is useful for documents containing sensitive information such as financial records, medical history, or anything similar. This locks your data and can be accessed only by someone who has the password too.

You can also put these files in one folder and lock the folder with a password. This, too, ensures a certain level of safety.

After you have done this, share the password to the recipient through a secure medium, and now they will be able to access this file safely.

If they share this file with you then, ensure that they do so only after protecting it.

2) Try Encryption

Another document feature that can be used is to encrypt files. This way, any unauthorized people trying to access the file will not be able to read it. You need a password for this purpose too, but you also have an option of setting time restrictions on when they cannot view the document.

Remember, though, if you send this document to someone and they cannot view it because you have set time restrictions, then do not forget to remove the password after sending it.

PGP encryption to encrypt your document files

If you are looking for safe sharing options through encryption, you might also want to try out something like Pretty Good Privacy Encryption (PGP) Encryption. It is more secure as it uses two keys: one that can only open it and another that can only close it. This way, the file remains secure on both ends with unique keys for both paths. But here, too, precautions need to be taken because if there is some error while closing, the document would forever be lost.

3) Document Management System: Docupile

The only sure shot way for secure file e-sharing is  to use a document management software like Docupile. Docupile DMS document management system is a good option for those who want to store and share files securely. You will be allowed to password protect the documents and encrypt them so only people with access can read them. This way, they cannot be opened by anyone other than the intended recipient. Docupile, a document management system, has a feature that enables you to share files via secure links and also transfer them over encrypted channels like SFTP, FTPS & SSH.

Docupile DMS is an advanced document sharing tool that provides sophisticated features for document collaboration enabling users to store and share features securely. It has safety features like 2-factor authorization, restricted access and user-level permission.

The user-level access is an excellent feature as it governs even minute details like who accesses, what file. So, someone who is unauthorized won’t have access to your sensitive information and hence, would not share it or even tamper with it in any way.

So be safe, and check out Docupile. Contact our team and they will help you with all the features and also how it can keep all your files secure.

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