The blog below explains the countless advantages an optimized SAP document management system can provide to users of SAP DMS/SAP PLM, as well as why this solution is becoming increasingly popular.

SAP DMS: The SAP Document Management Module

SAP Document Management System (DMS) is a versatile tool for storing and organizing documents of all types. This module allows you to connect SAP objects to other documents and also helps manage their status and versions. You have the choice to store files in either the SAP Content Server or a file system. DIR (Document Info Record) is a set of metadata associated with every SAP object that increases the document’s information. The ability to manage Originals (files linked to a DIR) in different formats, including Microsoft Office and CAD, PDF, and others, is possible. A status network and validation procedures may also be established.

Beneficial to Use SAP?

SAP DMS is not a document management system for an enterprise. It cannot handle all of a business’s paperwork and may not satisfy all needs and standards. When SAP (SAP business processes) activities require documents, using the SAP DMS module is appropriate. If you need contractual documents, such as technical drawings, to accompany your purchase orders in SAP, or if your manufacturing processes in SAP require support from operating procedures and safety instructions, this is the solution for you. These are especially essential for jobs in the routing process, but they also apply to all SAP company processes: purchasing, sales, manufacturing, maintenance, and quality.

It’s also worth noting that not all documents should be stored in SAP, but only those required for your company’s business processes. If these papers are already stored and maintained in another DMS, include a hypertext link in the SAP DMS.

Documents are required to back up and maintain your business processes.

After the documents are linked to the correct SAP objects in SAP DMS (material, functional location, tools, operations, etc.) and referenced in Seal Systems’ integrated programs, these automatically collect the required documents. It is feasible to apply various filters to automatically get the appropriate papers in the correct format.

At Docupile, we aim to help our customers optimize their document management and business processes. We introduce them to SAP DMS, analyzing their company’s activities, processes and needs, and then installing and configuring the appropriate Docupile integrations to meet customer requirements. The DMS Loader module from Docupile makes document mass migration (creation of DIR, metadata information, object links, files check-in in the content server if necessary) simple.

The Security and Traceability of Documents

A document that isn’t verified is out of date or is private may have significant implications. We’ve seen how incorrect document usage in purchasing, manufacturing, or maintenance procedures can be devastating. Docupile has developed functions to add stamps to the visualization of a document or during its distribution. With Docupile integration, it is simple to identify non-validated or confidential documents. The system can access and use any SAP, SAP DMS, or system metadata to add it to documents. A log of the company’s distribution is sometimes necessary so you can answer questions such as: which documents were sent with an order or which documents were used for a manufacturing or maintenance operation? The Docupile system saves records of output requests that can be reviewed later, permitting the user to locate documents that were sent for a specific order. This stamping and traceability function is extremely useful for regulated industries.

Documents Long-Term Archiving

In many industries, particularly PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), it is essential to ensure that documents remain accessible for a set time. To meet this expectation, we have created a file conversion solution designed specifically for SAP that generates PDF/A files (ISO 19005-1 standard). When documents reach the validated status, they are automatically converted to PDF/A format. This is excellent for businesses since it allows all partners to use the platform for years to come and read it.

Documentation for Products, Projects, and Users

Many businesses need documentation to supply items, manufacturing processes, etc. The necessary paperwork and data are already stored in the SAP system. Our teams have created the Digital Process Factory solution to organize and join information and papers in PDF format into a structured form. The documentation may be generated automatically at distinct phases of the project. The correct documentation can be presented with the delivery without delay.

Digital Processes

Docupile not only covers all electronic delivery channels but makes it possible to sign and distribute documents via email with our integrations.

We also collaborate with our clients in their digital factory initiative. We created the SAP manufacturing order paperless solution. Each operation of the manufacturing process is accessible to operators, who have access to all data and paperwork for that operation. They can provide SAP data and technical papers on one screen. The user interfaces allow for direct interaction with SAP. Confirming and inputting certain information (time spent, etc.) is possible.

Implementation Is Simple and Fast

Our services are simple to use. They’re provided as SAP transport orders. Because the user is still in the SAP environment, the interfaces are also easy to use.

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