Does your company rely on traditional document management systems? Have you found it challenging to find and retrieve digital documents? Are there multiple versions of a single document floating around in your company? If so, then now is the time to start using Social Intranet Document Management Systems. These types of DMS are designed for use within an intranet that has social functionality built into it. The result will be collaborative, high-quality documents and knowledge sharing across the company!

Companies have relied on traditional document management systems for a long time. People use these to keep documents safe.

These systems have been used as storage. Documents are often stored in them, and it can be hard to find the right one.

Multiple version control of a document can lead to confusion.

Today, business is about social media. That means that a company needs to have documents on their website and on their intranet site that are social. It can make a difference in the company by making it easier to share information.

A social intranet document management system is an excellent way to store your documents. It will help you.

With an Intranet document manager, users can connect directly to popular applications ranging from Internet browsers, like Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc., to applications such as Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Sharepoint. Users can quickly add files to the manager ranging from Word documents to PDF files, imaging files, and XML-based. Users can search and access documents in integrated systems throughout the platform. Administrators have flexibility in connecting software commands to link applications as needed. An administrator also designates user privileges based on the need for access and workflow.

They’re Ridiculously Easy to Use

It is a sound system. It makes it easy to do your work if you use it. You can do all kinds of things with this system, like create files and put them in folders.

Social intranet software with a built-in document management system is easy to use. You can find documents quickly, and unlike traditional doc management systems that require extensive classifications and categorization, you don’t need to do much work.

When you organize your documents, it’s easier to find them, and you won’t lose them.

In traditional document management systems, retrieving documents is time-consuming because many businesses hire software developers to hook their orders up with their existing technology structure.

A social document management system is a way to organize your folders. You can make them the way you want to and share information with your team. If you need help, it will be easy for other people on your team to learn and customize it too.

Searching is Smart, Quick, and In-Depth

Files need to be stored so that people understand the relationship between them. If you do not, then there is confusion and inefficiency.

It’s easy to find files on a social intranet. Traditional document management systems keep files safe, but they don’t show you where the file is.

A system can find your files by name, what other people have tagged them, or how many stars they gave them. It can also explore the content of the file.

Rating is a way for people to rank documents. There are usually five stars. Depending on how you feel about the record, you can go up or down.

Your team will be able to find the best material quickly.

Instead of traditional document management systems for document creation, use the tools in a social intranet to find information. You need to find what you want and not waste time.

Team Collaboration

In a social intranet system, you can comment on a document. You can like or dislike it. You can also leave feedback, so the author knows what you think of it.

When you show people a document to put in their feedback, upload it to your social DMS. Then you can invite people. It ensures sharing and collaboration.

An intranet document management system is a way for people to share information. They will see new versions and updates anytime someone comments or rates the document and when they get alerts. It helps keep people engaged with their work.

It is also vital to brainstorm. That will make it easier for you to write down your team’s ideas.

You Get Real-Time Feedback

Comment on, Share and Receive Feedback to Define User-Generated Content.

Nearly all intranet document management systems are critical to fast collaboration, and feedback is no exception. Real-time feedback is essential for using them effectively as a collaborative tool.

Comments, likes, and ratings are a way to share your knowledge with other people. You can invite them to talk about it, or they may ask you questions. It is done through a common platform online. When you share your drafts and concepts in social document management software, it means that people can work together on new ideas. They also can learn from each other. People who have the same job title might help others with their work. They can understand what the company does and what topics are important.

Every file uploaded to a system for managing documents inside the company can be commented on, liked, followed, shared, or tagged. This way of getting feedback will help you create high-quality content with input from different people in the company.

Commenting is a tool to help many people work together on documents.

When you “like” something, it means that you think it is good. It is like the Facebook “like button.”

You are rating a document allows users to rank it. It helps the best content be seen at the top of your organization. Rating enables you to find information when you need it most quickly.

“Tagging” is a new way to categorize your documents. It can be helpful when you are looking for files or if you want to find the content related to that topic. You can also put new content into this category by typing in the tag keyword.

Way Less Expensive to Maintain

Save money with Docupile, which requires less maintenance.

Traditional systems for managing documents are not easy to use. They do not have new technologies that consumers want, since mobile technology in 2007. Conventional document management systems are hard to use. To make changes, you need to have a software developer who makes changes that might cost you money and put your company more at risk.

Social document management systems are cheaper than other systems. They are easy to use and can grow with you. You can navigate the system independently in the digital workplace, do things quickly, and add more features if you need to.

Workflows Deliver Less Work and More Flow

With a smoother workflow, easier-to-use interface, and scalable platform, you will be more productive and efficient.

By contrast, social document management systems facilitate a smoother workflow through an easy-to-use interface, a scalable and robust platform, quick file sharing, social collaboration, rational document organization, and saving time.

A more seamless cloud-based workflow converts into higher productivity and efficiency. Want your documents to run uninterruptedly? Connect with our Docupile Social intranet professionals today!


Well designed social management software enables companies and organizations to deliver diverse tasks such as:

1. Sharing files ranging from Word and PDF to digital files.

2. Capturing metadata and tagging of keywords.

3. Integrating recent documents into existing files.

4. Indexing, storing, distributing and retrieving data.

5. Organizing a coherent workflow.

6. Uploading files by drag and drop interfaces, batch uploads and file sync.

7. Enabling real-time collaboration on shared files.

8. Extends revision and extensive versioning ability such as archiving.

9. Assists in a scalable and robust platform for collaboration and sharing.

10. Systemize files and data based on ratings, comments and feedback.

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