The ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the rising consumer push to purchase items more safely using delivery, roadside purchasing and pickup options to reduce the spread of infection have jolted the automotive sector. This disruption has resulted in a significant shift in the way dealerships do business, with potential customers having complete control over the car-buying process — and how much of that process they want to experience online.

The online sales path for car dealers can include scheduling test drives or vehicle delivery services to qualify for loans and funding and even obtaining a trade-in appraised in a virtual community. Because 92 percent of car buyers research cars online before visiting a dealership, many auto dealers have already taken measures to align with a digital shopping experience.

What Happens When You Don’t Have DMS:

Automobile dealerships without a managed document service provider risk losing sales and falling behind contenders. For instance, when a sales assistant is on the floor and on the phone with a potential customer, there must be no hiccups in document management. Whenever the salesman goes to get the required documents to print out for customers, any lag increases the likelihood that they will walk out the gate even before the sale could be made.

Consumers in all industries expect both speed and convenience. Customers may become bored or uneasy if a salesperson in an auto dealership fails to promptly bring the paperwork back out, and they may decide to go to a competitor. If that competitor has access to Digital document storage for car dealership, their salespeople can access any documents they require in a brief period.

Benefits Of DMS:

Numerous pieces of paper are associated with a car purchase or trade-in because auto dealers generate a large amount of paperwork, ranging from sales contracts, disclosure forms, titles, and lemon law statements to financing agreement documents.

These documents must be appropriately copied, stored, and distributed — and in a secure manner. The computerization of car-purchase-related records not only comes in handy but also allows car dealers to provide a better contactless shopping experience.

Selective Sharing:

You can easily share and store digitized documents if you have a document management system in place. They also allow you to restrict access to data. Scanned documents, unlike paper documents, can be accessed by anyone. You can secure the data by allowing only particular users to access and share documents.

Controlled Access

Password protection and multi-factor access control are advanced features that can create access at both the document and folder tiers. Even the time limit for accessing the document can be set. Not only that, but you can view an audit trail to see who accessed the files, when they did so, as well as whether they downloaded, circulated, or edited them.

Enhanced Efficiency:

Strategic alignment is also required in the auto dealership. This means they must have all audit records and reports on hand to meet the various standards set by the government and local governments. In addition, they must have their papers in order in the event of a dispute. Using such a digital scanning solution makes it much easier to catalog and recover all of your company and dealer records in the event of a review.

Tracked Documents:

The absence of piles of paper-based files is one of the most significant benefits of using a document management system. They not only waste your employees’ time by attempting to locate old data, but they also put critical data at risk of being lost or misplaced. All of your files are indexed and stored in a way that makes retrieval extremely easy with a secure document management system. You can track a specific document with a few clicks by using keywords, phrases, or even simple text searches.

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