Car dealers now conduct business a different way. You’re well aware that what worked less than a year ago isn’t as effective or possible as it used to be. The sales process has been radically transformed.

Car dealers, on the other hand, must change in order to reach a wider audience. The strategies range from basic marketing concepts to complex digital techniques. How can you increase your sales in the midst of a pandemic? Here are 10 ideas for increasing car sales at your dealership during (and beyond) COVID-19. How many of these methods are currently being used by you?

1. Improve your company’s online presence and increase conversion rates with these tactics.

Finding new clients online is critical in today’s automotive industry. Your brand will reach the right people at the ideal time with a knowledgeable team and an effective digital marketing strategy in place.

Many dealerships lack the resources for a dedicated team, and therefore digital marketing campaigns need constant monitoring and adjustment. Dealerships should consider expanding their digital marketing team or, if this is not feasible, outsourcing these tasks to a marketing agency or lead provider.

2. Prepare to be the first.

Are you going to reach out to them first? Is everyone in the market vying for the same consumers, and do you intend to communicate with them before anybody else? Be prepared to deliver your message as soon As new manufacturer offers or your COVID restrictions change.

It also entails designing marketing campaigns and keeping them in your back pocket, so there are no delays on launch day. You get a little First Mover Advantage when your message is initially delivered to a customer’s inbox; this establishes brand recognition and loyalty, two factors that can boost website traffic and conversion rates.

Converting web leads within 24 hours is the bare minimum, but it is definitely not good enough. If a client has contacted your dealership, they’ve most likely contacted other dealerships as well. The first dealership to contact has a far higher chance of being chosen. If your business’ response times are inadequate, consider looking into your procedure and finding ways to enhance it. Make sure that your sales staff is connecting promptly and scheduling appointments with prospective customers.

3. Keep in touch with your customers.

“Endurance can transform failure into something extraordinary,” Olympian Matt Biondi added.

That means contacting prospects on a regular basis, even if they have previously rejected you. It must be done carefully so that they do not request to be removed from your mailing list, but if you had their prior permission for communication, go ahead and use it!

“I’m not sure if you’ve ordered yet, but this great offer is live right now.” Simple messages like these may go a long way toward increasing sales.

Consider using phrases like, “There are only three days left to save!” to create a sense of urgency in your language.

Feel free to test several techniques in order to determine where the prospect is in the funnel.

4. Make a geofence

If you’re looking to invest in a more sophisticated digital marketing plan, talk about geo-targeting consumers. These kinds of adverts detect intent based on a consumer’s location. You may use it at your own dealership to offer window shoppers with unique deals.

You may also aim your ad to buyers who are in or near a competitor’s property. Consider it; isn’t it more likely that a consumer who is clearly planning on buying a vehicle is a great target? What you’re doing is providing customers another choice before they’ve made their purchase at another dealer.

5. Make your own unique offers.

Running the same old message isn’t likely to be more successful than making your advertisements stand out above the crowd.

But what can that look like?

Today’s retail climate may involve social initiatives like a Doggie Adoption Drive and a local shelter, or a “choose your charity” donation event. It’s also possible to have online giveways for seasonal occasions such as back-to-school, Halloween, or Christmas. Get creative and come up with fun ideas in your community. You’ll meet new clients who live in neighborhoods you haven’t visited before.

6. Make text messaging work for you by reaching out to more consumers.

Within 15 minutes of delivery, the read rate for text messages is 97%. What’s a more effective mode of communication? The spectrum of clients is catered to with 80% of the worldwide population texting on a regular basis. It’s a cost-effective and efficient method of reaching out to potential consumers and old customers who don’t want to talk on the phone.

The dealership may be a stressful environment for consumers, whether they have COVID or not. Consumers can remain in their comfort zone and feel more in control if they sell through text messaging. You can still take the lead in the conversation, but it will be without the defensive demeanor that some customers exhibit over the phone or in person.

With a concise yet professionally written text message, prospects are certain to receive a notification in minutes and have the opportunity to respond while on the move or wherever they might be. Customers can see photos and video of the vehicle, negotiate price, and exchange documents required to finalize the transaction via text.

7. Demonstrate the techniques you use to disinfect your facility.

Consumers’ sentiments have been steadily worsening in Canada since the start of the pandemic response. It pays dividends to inform automobile buyers about your efforts to keep them safe, as recommended by federal and provincial officials.

Customers aren’t going to take a chance meeting someone outside their social bubble unless they feel you’re doing your part to keep employees and customers safe.

Update the COVID-19 banner on your website and make it clear where your high standards are. Create material around your efforts to earn consumer confidence and peace of mind. Offer customers alternatives that don’t include dealership visits, such as remote purchasing and vehicle delivery, if they still refuse to leave their houses.

8. They want you to do something, and you deliver.

Do you know whether your company offers remote sales that include off-site test drives, vehicle delivery, and F&I document signing? Is it possible that your business already provides remote purchases including off-site test drives, vehicle delivery, and F& I document signing?

Customers will value this offer more than you think, especially during a pandemic. Those who want it will choose your dealership over any that does not provide vehicle delivery or emphasizes this benefit in their advertising. Include this service in all of your digital marketing efforts so that every potential customer will notice it and remember it.

9. Diversify & explore new markets

Adidas used to only sell shoes. Amazon exclusively sold books before. Lamborghini manufactured only tractors! To get new clients, you must change and explore new frontiers on occasion.

Adding a new target market to your business plan may provide you with many new possibilities, requiring only minor modifications to your regular operations.

This might indicate that you need to develop your used car inventory in order to provide cheaper price alternatives. If you don’t already have one, it may also imply establishing a subprime department. Your dealership may cater to both prime and subprime clients by building strong connections with subprime lenders and teaching your sales team how to work with subprime automobile purchasers.

10. Add value with strategic partnerships

The difference between a profit and a loss can be decided by working with the correct partner in the appropriate manner.

Dealers must be on the lookout for connections that make sense in today’s climate, whether they are with a carmaker, parts supplier, cleaning service, digital marketing firm, or lead provider.

Docupile is the finest lead provider for automobile dealerships, offering a wide range of services that can be used to increase sales. Docupile can help your business tap into new markets and attract new consumers by providing leads on both private individuals and businesses. Docupile is the partner you can count on to win new business and increase your margins, using tried-and-true digital marketing techniques and cutting-edge infrastructure to gather and distribute leads in real time.

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