What Our Clients Say About Docupile?

Mark Adler, Westside Kia

With Docupile as long as she puts the RO in I have the history right away. We are on a day-to-day basis, and if I have an RO from yesterday and I have the history for that vehicle I don’t have to wait for it and with this system, it’s right there! It is hands-on! It’s a fantastic system and it works very well. I’ve been doing this 30 years and this is the best system I’ve ever had!


In an industry where precision and timeliness are non-negotiable, Docupile has enabled us to excel, reducing administrative overhead and allowing us to focus entirely on project excellence. I strongly recommend Docupile to any construction businesses seeking to elevate their document management game to next level.

J. Guzak – President

It has really been something that we have decided is valuable for us and the two and a half months that we have been with Docupile we have scanned around a 115 thousand documents and it has really been a great resource. We can go into Docupile and pull up old invoices. We are scanning our parts and service invoices and we can send them from the Docupile tool to our vendors or to ourselves if we need a copy. So basically it’s gotten rid of the need to go back and dig through a pile of unfiled invoices or maybe the hassle of not finding an invoice that’s been filed properly. It’s been a really great tool and I would recommend it to anybody that is thinking about going with Docupile.

Michelle Johnson, Legacy Ford

Sunny Amin Color Image
Amin Realty

It Boosted Productivity To Max!

I can’t emphasize enough how invaluable this document scanning and storage system has been to our operations. The ease of digitizing and storing property records, contracts, and client paperwork has saved us countless hours. I highly recommend Docupile to any real estate businesses looking to simplify document management and enhance their business productivity.

Sunny Amin

Business Owner – Amin Realty

Docupile is a really easy system. We just go ahead and scan the information and it automatically pops up within one or two seconds in the  website. The service advisors, the cashiers, anyone can just look it up with just the RO number or the VIN number. Previously before the system that we had was just scanning and it took awhile for us to go ahead and rename the document and go ahead and just insert it in the system. I really do recommend Docupile. It makes everything so much easier for everybody in the service department.

Deysi A., Mossy Nissan

Linda Williams Docupile Review

Cost-Effective and Efficient

It’s a very cost-effective solution to storing your files securely in the cloud. It keeps everything organized and the efficient design of the application makes it very easy to use even for the newly hired employees.

Linda Williams

Office Manager – ION DMS

One of the greatest things about it is how easy it is to scan something in and then how quickly you find the document when you search for it and the fact that you can search for it by RO number, name, phone number, VIN number it’s amazing. It’s so much simpler to use it’s much simpler to pull the documents that you need because when you do an audit, you need the VIN number, & they’re gonna give you the VIN that they want to audit, you put the VIN in and it pulls all the documents at one time associated with that VIN number!

Jimmy Franks, Westside Chevrolet

More Clients We Have Helped!

Fernando Ortiz Docupile Review

A Quick and Easy To Use Software

Docupile is quick and easy to use software. It stores all the documents securely and allows us to perform a quick search of our data whenever we need it. Overall its a great application for the price we pay.

Fernando Ortiz

General Sales Manager – Westside Isuzu

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At our event center, we’ve digitized around 540 boxes worth of paper documents collected over the years. Our Docupile library now exceeds 1 TBs in size. Your product is truly exceptional, offering both ease of use and a clear, user-friendly interface. It has made a significant difference in our document management process.

K. Euceda – Venue Manager


Its A Game Changer

I only wish we had this tool 25 years ago! It’s a game-changer! Scanning and finding Documents is a breeze, and you can search for documents by VIN, by name, by RO # or phone #! I highly recommend this product to any one who is considering Docupile!

Gary Lee

General Manager – Century3 Kia

Gary Lee

At our retail store, we used to struggle with time wasted on paper document storage. But then, we brought in Docupile, and it changed everything. We said goodbye to endless searches for documents and emails. Trust me, making the switch to a paperless system nearly doubled our efficiency. So, if you’re thinking about it, don’t hesitate!

N. Ghimre – Store Manager