Paperwork is a huge headache for many teams. It’s hard to keep up with, it brings confusion and fuss to your team, and it increases the cost of storage! And when you have automated smart document management systems, these problems are solved. Document management systems will not eliminate paper entirely, but using less paper will surely give you that ROI you are looking for.

Here are three transitions you can make to reduce your office paperwork.

1. Paper slows down business

Paperwork causes chaos in your office, making it difficult for teams to work together effectively.

Once you realize that your old methods of storing information are no longer an efficient system, why not make the change to a modern document management system? Once you do so, electronic copies can be generated for access from any internet-enabled device, providing simplicity and time-saving.

A single misplaced paper document can take more than 15 minutes to find and may also require a search through more than one of your file cabinets.

By adopting appropriate document management, you can find your documents within seconds.

2. Use the copier

You can digitize your documents with a copier. Adding scanning capabilities to the printer or copying machine is a solution when you scan paper and emails, use tools like Dropbox, Google Docs, and Box (DM).

So you can get started immediately by removing paper without any software. But getting rid of manual labor saves a lot of time

3. Cut printing cost

Reduce the amount of paper your team uses by enforcing printing policies on who can print in color. Print jobs should be routed to the most cost-effective printer possible to reduce production costs.

Track what jobs need to be done and prioritize those most important.

How can you work better by adopting document management software?

Now that you have chosen to go paperless and reduce your dependency on paperwork take a step back to think about the current business processes.

  • The only thing left on the table is a stack of recycled paper
  • are you able to respond quickly and accurately
  • to the time spent by your employees in searching for and filing documents
  • The money you spend on storing files offsite

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