Keeping the HR department running smoothly is key to company success. And choosing a cloud storage solution tailored for managing new employee documents will make it much easier for you and your team members. The right cloud storage solution for personnel files can positively impact your HR department, but finding that perfect product is tough.

The 4 “must-haves” that top the list of needs for efficient document storage software include:

1. Increased Productivity

Good cloud storage for HR software should provide you with the tools to manage your own work-life and help support an entire company. Ease of use is a necessary consideration when choosing a new system.

You can generate and send reports that list employees’ missing required documents to appropriate managers with a few clicks. With retention rules, you can set up a system to automatically delete or move outdated documents based on the best parameters for your business.

Why spend your valuable time sifting through new employee files when a simple search can turn up all the necessary information?

The HR storage system should not require you to manually dig through each file, looking for any given piece of paper. Without an easy way to share your documents, you’re missing out on all of the benefits of having them. Please make sure there are built-in secure sharing options so people can quickly get access when they need it most. With built-in secure sharing options like an encrypted link to the document PDF, you can easily share your work with others. A sound system should streamline tasks and save HR time in the long term. The value of a suitable cloud solution cannot be overstated. Your HR team will benefit from detailed, customized training and ongoing support as they manage the technology for your company’s HR department. The lack of proper support for new tools can negatively affect productivity and employee satisfaction, which are vital to any successful company nowadays.

2. User Transparency

HR file storage software with the most precise control will give you ultimate flexibility when managing your company’s HR data.

The best of these programs allow you great control over what each user (or group) can do on the system, from viewing profiles and making changes in data entry fields to accessing restricted sections where necessary. An audit trail should automatically track both file access and actions performed in your system to ensure compliance.

HR’s job is to protect employees’ personal data privacy and confidentiality. It includes safeguarding PHI, or protected health information, PII – which can be either an individual’s name/expression (“billed”), contact details such as phone numbers & email addresses, etc. Financial records like payslips or bank statements are available under employment legislation in some countries. The more documents a user views, downloads or shares in your organization, the greater risk they may put themselves at. Ensure that all employees understand how important it is to track their “digital footprint” so you can see what information has been going out of the house

with ease. It is a great way to make sure everyone’s on the same page and meets training needs. If you notice an outdated or not updated version of your handbook being uploaded, work backward until finding out which team member has been making errors to correct them directly.

3. Document Protection

You can prevent catastrophic loss by keeping your documents safe from physical destruction and accidental deletion with the new new employee file cloud. HR documents need to be stored to ensure the safety of your organization’s most important asset, its people! A sound document storage system should include multiple levels of redundant copies and an easy-to-follow disaster recovery plan for any data center failures. It will help if you look for cloud software certified by the Security Standards Organization (SOC) or HIPAA.

The vendor must have a solid working relationship with IT to keep your company safe. This way, they can help meet any compliance needs you might have, such as password requirements and lockouts after attempted access by hackers, to prevent data breaches from happening at all. Your software should help protect your team from harmful factors, but it’s also crucial that you be able to understand and fix honest mistakes. The document deletion feature in your software is an important one. It should report which documents have been deleted and by whom and offer tools to help you restore them if necessary.

4.  Flexible Configuration

HR file storage software is a tool that can be configurable to suit your team’s needs now but also has the flexibility of changing as you and your business grow.

When it comes to HR, there are no two departments quite like them. So make sure your file storage software has multiple options for scanning and uploading documents directly into the cloud. You’re always up-to-date with all aspects of employee management from anywhere. The differences in needs between companies can be vast when scanning, uploading and access requirements.

The HR department should be able to configure the file storage system based on the types of documents being added, team structure and other priorities without contacting IT for assistance.

Your HR Document Scanning and Storage Solutions

Employee files are a great way to ensure that your employees stay happy and productive. Are you looking for ways to upgrade your employee files? Docupile is a best-in-class HR cloud file storage solution designed specifically for your team’s needs. It will make going paperless and improving compliance easy as pie while also helping you manage employee files long term! Contact Docupile – Electronic File Storage Solutions today for more information.

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