Choosing Amazon Web Services as a hosted document management system (DMS) host is the best option for any business. AWS hosts various storage options like Simple Storage Service (S3), Glacier and Elastic Block Store, which means AWS will provide you with a storage solution for every task.

Think about redundancy when you are selecting your document management software. Redundancy is not the same as backups and should not be mistaken for disaster recovery. Redundancy is where you are quickly able to recover data or documents, such as after hard drive failure or on corrupt documents.

When selecting a document management software, you will want low latency and high availability for your software and infrastructure. With smaller businesses unable to fully scale their business in the inaugural year, it can be an expensive choice that is prohibitive. With Docupile’s scalable SaaS, we have made adoptable technology available to companies of all sizes!

AWS has a wide variety of security features to protect your data. Amazon Web Services encrypts the platform which is often overlooked by customers. This protects your information from being hacked or accessed by unapproved users. Their hosting facility also includes many physical security features that prevent unauthorized people from accessing the servers without authorization.

Here are some of the advantages of using AWS.

1. Easy to use

AWS is an open-source software that is so clear-cut, even a layman can use it. There isn’t any problem with the novel or established applications. The AWS Management Console is a well-documented web service.

2. No Capacity Limits

As organizations launch various projects, they often make assumptions about what computing power they will need. The AWS helps meet these needs at a cost that is significantly lower than other providers, making it easier for enterprises to invest in their future growth potential.

The moment you want to increase your capacity, you can do so without any restrictions. Then, if you think that you do not need so much storage space, it is possible to return to the previous space.

3. Is An Agile and Speedy

By opting for Amazon Web Services, you can start your server services in a few minutes. These tools help us reduce the amount of time spent on any task such as Auto Scaling. We have access to these applications anytime they’re needed.

4. It Is Secure And Reliable

With AWS you can scale and innovate a secure environment. All you need to do is pay for the services you use. AWS has an end-to-end approach that secures your infrastructure while also saving money. With AWS, high quality security comes at lower price points which makes it accessible to more people and companies who are looking for data safekeeping.

Amazon’s AWS fully protects the security of data stored in Amazon’s data centers, and AWS Document Management System (DMS) is one choice for accessing that storage option.

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