Non-profit organizations face challenges that other types of organizations do not. Due to their membership and operational model, a non-profit will typically operate with limited staff and tight budgets. With these constraints, it can be hard to maintain an effective paper office space. Document management systems provide a secure way to manage documents in your organization’s workflow, saving you time and money!

Here are four benefits we found when adopting a Document management system for non profit organizations:

1. Combine Donor Information

With so many interactions coming from varied sources, managing contacts can be time-consuming and daunting. Entering each contact into your database one at a time takes up precious hours of manpower with no visible progress to show for it. A Cloud Based DMS will benefit a non-profit organization file cabinets by collecting all the data through scanning, consolidating it in an accessible place, so any human error is eliminated and also provide document security.

2. Raise Volunteers Effectiveness

Non-profit version control are staffed by volunteers that leave on a regular basis. Non-profits without the oversight of documents can be prone to tampering, but these electronic documents offer solutions with limited permissions for user credentials.

Non-profit organizations have minimal staff and budgets, making the systems an affordable option for those in need. A popular way for non-profits to work more efficiently on minimal budget and staff is by implementing a document management system and store paper documents.

The types of tasks the DMS can provide include automated mailing or producing documents for those who don’t have access to a scanner, freeing up time volunteers could instead invest in meaningful interactions with constituents.

3. Less Is More

Non-profit organizations business processes face different challenges when compared to profit-oriented companies. Document Management System dms benefit these organizations immensely because of their quick ROI and small investment needed. A electronic document management system can increase productivity, efficiency, and smooth working across the organization. With a DMS in place, you’ll have reduce costs of paper, simplified compliance management, and a secure donation process.

Achieving those goals will let your company focus on its core mission of serving people or organizations that need help to better their lives.

4. Switch Easily Between Roles

Non-profit companies face different challenges than for-profit corporations. Without enough people, they must rely on the flexibility of their staff to do what is required. However, quality tools can help when making a transition between roles and responsibilities. Adopting a document management system will allow your non-profit to access information when and where it’s needed and also help in disaster recovery. The staff can juggle between meetings with donors or financial consultation even if they don’t have access to their office computer, so long as they have a smart device.

If you are a non-profit looking to expand and meet your goals, it is important that you have the right tools. A DMS will stores documents and help improve communication with volunteers and keep your community up-to-date on work done.

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