In today’s complex construction world, success hinges on a strong foundation – not just for buildings, but for information management. At G&G Construction, a trusted family business in Katy, Texas, they understand this well.

Before the first brick is laid, a symphony of tasks takes place behind the scenes. From project development and permits to sales, subcontractor bids, and material orders, seamless information flow is critical. That’s where Docupile comes in.

With Docupile’s cloud-based document management system, G&G Construction keeps everything organized and accessible. This ensures they stay compliant with regulations while maintaining the flexibility to adapt to unique project needs.

With around 50 employees, G&G Construction offers a comprehensive range of services, including project development, new construction, renovations, and maintenance. They leverage Docupile to streamline their processes, ensuring every project runs smoothly from start to finish.

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    Enhanced Workflow Efficiency and Visibility

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    Ensured Regulatory Compliance

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    Streamlined Information Access and Retrieval

The Challenge of Complexity: Managing Documents and Stakeholders

In the construction industry, success hinges on collaboration. G&G Construction, a company that handles everything from project development to execution, understands this well. But with "many parties involved who all form a piece of the supply chain and who also all have different interests," as work planner Jason explains, information management becomes a significant hurdle.

Previously, G&G relied on a network disk to store project information. While it functioned initially, issues arose. Accessibility and document control became major concerns. Jason highlights the critical questions: "Is it really the correct version of this document, this drawing, this contract or tender?"

G&G's diverse projects involve a complex web of information, including certifications, standards, and regulations. This complexity, coupled with the sheer volume of documents (up to 10,000 per project!), rendered the network drive an inefficient solution. As Jason concludes, "Many documents go through several versions... You can figure out for yourself that a network drive is not going to work in the long run."

G&G Construction: A Quest for Streamlined Information Sharing

Sharing information and managing document versions were critical priorities for G&G Construction. However, their existing network drive presented limitations. Financial Director Janice acknowledged, "There were even more requirements we desired in an information management solution."

This led G&G to re-evaluate their information management processes. They considered not just the present, but also their future goals and how technology could support them. Janice emphasized, "Above all, how do we want to go down that road?"

Recognizing their limitations as an IT organization, G&G sought external expertise. Janice explains, "We are good at building projects, but we are not information experts." Partnering with an agency, they identified Doupile as a solution.

Docupile: Efficiency, Control, and Confidence

Doupile addressed G&G's need for efficiency and information control. Janice highlights the benefits: "Doupile provides us with a great efficiency improvement plus the fact that we are always fully 'in control.' The transparency we can offer all involved gives us and our customers confidence in a healthy future."

User-Friendly Organization and Powerful Search

Transitioning from a network drive, G&G prioritized a familiar document structure for user comfort. Wouter van der Reijd explains, "Thinking beforehand with the people involved...led to a classification and method of metadata that worked well for us." This user-centric approach ensured smooth adoption.

Doupile' intelligent search capabilities further enhanced user experience. Wouter explains, "With Docupile, the layout and metadata are so clever that you search by content and context, not by repository." This flexibility empowers users to find information quickly and efficiently, regardless of search approach.

The Bottom Line: Confidence and Efficiency

Ultimately, Docupile provided G&G Construction with a reliable solution for information management. Janice concludes, "That insight offers a significant advantage. Not only does it save time for information to find, but you are also sure that what you find is the right thing."

This rewrite focuses on G&G Construction's specific needs and highlights how Docupile addressed them. It also emphasizes the user-friendly aspects of the solution and the overall benefits G&G experienced.

From Paper to Digital: Streamlining Construction Workflows

Jason has embraced digital transformation at construction sites. Large internet-connected screens now display important documents like drawings, readily accessible to field personnel. Financial Director Janice  says, "The days of relying solely on paper drawings are over. We still use paper for some things, but Docupile bridges the gap."

QR Codes for Seamless Version Control

Jason envisions integrating QR codes on paper documents. Scanning these codes would instantly verify the document version, ensuring everyone has the latest information. This innovative approach combines the convenience of paper with the accuracy of Docupile' version control.

Automated Workflows for Efficiency

Docupile empowers Jason to automate key processes. For example, the system can manage approval workflows for change orders and material procurement. Everyone involved receives real-time updates on the process status, eliminating delays and confusion. Wouter van der Reijd, a representative, highlights the benefits: "Everything is updated immediately... A major improvement from the past, where people might unknowingly wait on each other."

Jason leverages Docupile Folders to effectively categorize and secure their information. While project-specific Folders hold most of the data, dedicated Folders also exist for HR, secretarial, and management/administration purposes.

These Folders function like secure compartments, with access permissions tailored to specific needs. Wouter van der Reijd explains, "Docupile allows us to define clear boundaries for each vault. We can track exactly who has accessed and modified information, ensuring sensitive data remains protected.

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