We see a lot of businesses using outdated time-consuming workflows and processes. Enterprises follow these work pattern as this is how it has been done historically. But updating with changing time is the attitude to follow for successful business practices.

If you are still following the old style of document management, then you are in dire need of an enterprise content management solution, on. A suitable ECM will help you organize, manage, store and automate documentation.

Here are ten signs that show your organization needs an enterprise management solution:


1. Employees spend time doing low-value activities-

When you are going for paper documentation, you will have to ensure minute details. You need to see if all the I’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. These manual processes turn out to be so inefficient as they are quite old-fashioned. Stringent processes like cross-checking, authorization and filling are very time-consuming.

When your document management ent system are your employees-

  • Data inputting is done manually
  • You store files in multiple locations both manually and physically
  • For continuous workflow, your employees physically walk one document to the next person. E.g., when you need to get the signature of the authorized signatory.
  • There is the double handling of documents

These activities individually do not consume much time, but collectively it adds up several hours which could have been used for other productive work like revenue generation, public relations, marketing strategies, etc.

When documentation is done with the help of ECM system-

  • There is no need for manual input of data.
  • All documents are stored in a central location eliminating duplication.
  • ECM system has a simple search function. Users can search any information anytime.
  • Digitizing and automating business process optimizes workflows without physical document transportation.


  2. Too many errors occurring in workflows

When the process is not so efficient and organized, there are more chances of errors. Anyone can enter the data incorrectly, or documents can be misplaced. There might be various versions of the same material.

With digitizing and installing an ECM solution, you can eliminate any human error that would occur is the traditional documentation system. This means employees won’t be wasting any time in making and fixing those mistakes.

You will have an error-free document zone. It is particularly important for finance and accounting departments. With ECM solution all these departments will have speedy, accurate workflow system.


3. Customer complaints are on the rise

An ineffective workflow has an impact on the customer service. Customer queries can be time- sensitive. But if employees are spending too much time through the cabinets or confused with the digital filing system can cause frustration among the customer. Imagine you have called customer care for any query and the employee is taking a hell lot of time to find your documents, you will get frustrated as time is valuable to you.

In the artificial intelligent era, customers expect fast and seamless experiences.  If you don’t provide quick services, your customers will be attracted to your competitors.

Before installing an ECM system, The Institute of Company Secretaries Of India was storing all their records and documents in separate files and cabinets. These records included accounts payable, marketing person, student information, exam filling forms, registration, etc. But the government changed this by installing an ECM system where all the student information, form filling and study material was digital.

Once you have installed an ECM solution all the information is centrally located and easily accessed. An ECM for educational institutes is integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Student Integrated Systems (SIS).


4. Some employees are very busy while some aren’t

When it is a nondigital organization, some employees are way too busy in keeping up with all the paperwork. This is an avoidable consequence of inefficient workflows. Higher authorities are busy looking into all the paperwork and checking it. Due to this employees have to wait for the manager to get that particular job done.

With an ECM solution, your workflows will be in place at a faster pace. If one person has too much of work in hand, the system can reroute the work to another employee. By using an ECM for reassignment of work you can cut down the accounts required and save money.


5. Business spryness is impaired by slow processes

It is all about business ability these days. Businesses need to adapt to quickly changing markets and demands. Inefficient workflows make a business sluggish. It will slow the speed at which data is logged affecting the management’s ability to make business decisions.  It places a burden on employees which also means that they can dedicate lesser time to innovation. This will hamper the organization’s growth.

An ECM solution breaks all these barriers by automating the processes. So these can be completed in the fastest possible time with very low friction. Employees are relieved of any tedious operations so that the time and methods can to utilized for the top line growth activities.


6. Employee satisfaction is low

Consumers have an incredible technology available for them these days. People have the option of asking their devices about the weather conditions tomorrow. You ask Alexa or Siri or Google for your small queries. So when employees are working on traditional data management system, their abilities are hindered to perform simple operations at work.

Employees are dissatisfied with workplaces that do not offer any flexibility. Employees need flexibility and freedom to work while they are traveling or occasional work-from-home day. They want to use their own devices than those provided by the employer. If these benefits are not being met by employees especially of our generation will start looking for other companies.

Having a cloud-based system can free workers from desk give them more mobility. They can work at an optimum time and choose their work environment. This will increase their productivity.


7. Data is being trapped in silos

The entire information is fully integrated across the whole operation is a rare phenomenon. Mostly individual departments have developed a separate system to address their particular need leading to a data vault that doesn’t speak to each other. Further employees create their vault by keeping data buried in email inboxes, personal folders or hard drives.

When data is trapped in the vault-

  • Employees do not find information that will help them to do their jobs to the best of their abilities.
  • Records required by more than one department is unnecessarily duplicated.
  • Businesses lose out on valuable insights that can be drawn from aggregated data.

An ECM solution solves this by providing with centralized storing location. Metadata can help to cross-reference information that draws inferences that is otherwise not possible to do so.


8. You are wasting money on resources

Most of the process is reliant on paper then the amount of money spent on printing can be as massive as a big snowball. Paper, ink, toner, expensive multifunction devices they all add up to the printing cost. It is costly to store these paper files as you will need to install cabinets that take up space.

With digitization, you can store documents in the ECM solution. Businesses save substantial cost incurred by printing and filing hard copies. You can reuse the space that is dedicated to storage.


9. Documents vulnerable to theft, tampering, and hacking

Records are of enormous concern, but many businesses have a relaxed approach towards their docs. Some ideal practices include-

  • Storing sensitive information is in unsecured folders that are open to the entire network including the employees who don’t require access to these files. Confidential documents are just being left on a desk or in unlocked cabinets.
  • You are scanning data on unsecured devices that are left open for hacking.

An ECM solution will allow the storage of files securely and prevents unauthorized tampering of sensitive information by limiting access to people who need it.  An ECM defines the level of access giving the power to edit and view files.

It ensures better disaster recovery. Files lost in disasters like fire can be quickly recovered.


10. Complying with regulatory requirements is a constant struggle

Most of the organizations have to follow some of the other compliances. As we all know all the laws keep changing and updating with the time’s requirement.  But when these compliances are part of chunky workflows, it can be difficult for businesses to upgrade their processes.

With an ECM solution, it is effortless to adapt to new regulations.  Workflows can be easily modified to comply with a proper record keeping system.



Watch out for these warning signs and don’t allow legacy systems that drag your business down. An ECM solution will smoothen your path towards being an active business firm. Don’t ignore any of these warning signs.

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