There are many signs that show that businesses need an enterprise content management solution. One of the most important from all is when you notice your outdated workflows and processes. If this sounds like you for your business, then it’s time to make the change! An ECM will help you organize, manage, store and automate documentation–helping your business run smoothly.

If you still follow old work patterns that require paper documents, it’s time to invest in an enterprise content management system.

Here are ten signs that show your organization needs an enterprise management solution:

1. Employees spend time doing low-value activities-

If you are going for paper-based documentation, make sure that everything is correct. These processes can be time-consuming due to their old and inefficient nature. Stringent work procedures such as cross-checking, authorization, and filling are very demanding.

If you are using outdated document management systems, it may be time to implement an enterprise content management solution in order to organize the workflow and store important data.

  • There is a need for data input.
  • You have files in more than one location as well as both on and off-site.
  • When your employees rely on physical walkabouts for workflow, you risk creating continuous workflow as they must physically walk each document to the next person.
  • Due to the old style of document management and their lack of an ECM, there is double handling in business practices.

Activities like scanning paper documents and copying physical faxes take up time that could be better spent generating revenue, being present in the media, and doing other activities to boost your company’s success.

When documentation is handled by the use of an ECM system,-

  • There is no need for manual entry of data.
  • Documents can be stored in a perfect centralized location, eliminating the need for duplicates.
  • An ECM system has an easy-to-use search function. You can find any information at any time.
  • With digitizing and automation, you can optimize your work without the need to transport physical documents.


2. Too many errors occurring in workflows

If you continue with outdated, inefficient workflows and processes, there is a higher chance of errors. This can be from an incorrect entry to documents getting misplaced or out-of-date versions of the material being accidentally created.

With an ECM solution, you can simplify your document management system and cut out any mistakes that would otherwise be made by hand. This will streamline the whole process for employees to eliminate any wasted time in making corrections.

By updating practices, your company will have a streamlined workflow and will eliminate errors.


3. Customer complaints are on the rise

Ineffective workflows can have a negative impact on customer service. Customers may need quick answers to their questions, but if your employees are taking too much time hunting for files or trying to navigate a confusing and outdated electronic filing system, they’ll only create frustration.

Imagine you have called customer care for any query and the employee is taking a hell of a lot of time to find your documents, you will get frustrated as time is valuable to you.

In the AI era, customers have high expectations. If you don’t provide quick services, your customers will be attracted to your competitors.

The Institute of Company Secretaries Of India was storing all their records and documents in separate files and cabinets. These records included accounts payable, marketing person, student information, exam filling forms, registration Before, transitioning etc. But the government installed an Electronic Document Management for School administration, so all the student information, form-filling and study materials were digital.

Once you have installed ECM, all the information is centrally located and easily accessed. Organizations with ECM are orchestrated through Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Student Integrated Systems (SIS).


4. Some employees are very busy while some aren’t

Employees of a paper-based organization are overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork they have to go through. This is caused by inefficient workflows, which in turn causes higher authorities to spend a lot of time on performing those tasks.

While you may have trouble with measuring the internal costs of a business, an ECM will help you follow standard workflows in order to fully measure your cost-per-action.


5. Business spryness is impaired by slow processes

To be successful, businesses need to update with changing time. One outdated area old is the way enterprises manage their documentation. Time-intensive workflows keep information painfully separated while stopping employees from innovating, harming growth potential.

An ECM system will help automate many tedious processes so your employees can spend more time on activities that will grow your company.


6. Employee satisfaction is low

Consumers of today are able to ask their devices about tomorrow’s weather conditions. The more advanced AI assistants in our lives often have a distinct answer to simple queries, these days. That means that your employees are limited and hindered when they need to use traditional data management systems at work.

Employees need flexibility and freedom to work while they are traveling or occasional work-from-home day. They want to use their own devices than those provided by the employer. If these benefits are not being met, employees especially of our generation will look for other jobs that offer this type of flexibility.

Having a cloud-based system can free workers from desk give them more mobility. They can work at an optimum time and choose their work environment. This will increase their productivity.


7. Data is being trapped in silos

Overall, it is a rare thing for companies to have an integrated database spanning all of its operation. Mostly, individual departments will create their own storage mechanism that doesn’t work with the others–leading to an impenetrable data vault. However, employees often make this problem worse by keeping data buried in email inboxes and hard drive folders.

When data is trapped in the vault-

  • Employees don’t find valuable information.
  • Duplicated records are being created as a result of shared, but not unified processes.
  • Businesses that have outdated document management practices are not optimizing a major source of potential.

An ECM solution vastly improves document management by creating a centralized storage location that is accessible in the future even if the original documents have been lost. The metadata allows for cross-referencing of information and inferences not otherwise possible to draw.


8. You are wasting money on resources

Most of the process is reliant on paper then the amount of money spent on printing can be as massive as a big snowball. Paper, ink, toner, expensive multifunction devices they all add up to the printing cost. It is costly to store these paper files as you will need to install cabinets that take up space.

Document digitization will help in storing the document in an ECM solution. It saves cost incurred by printing and filing hard copies of documents and also helps you reuse the storage space.


9. Documents vulnerable to theft, tampering, and hacking

Keeping your records in order is important, but many businesses don’t take this seriously. Some ideal practices include-

  • Keeping sensitive documents in unsecured folders for the entire company network to see is a dangerous cybersecurity failure. It is also an opportunity for employees who don’t need access to these files to get their hands on information without authorization, putting the company at risk of crucial data leaks or other serious security breaches.
  • You are scanning data on unsecured devices left open to hacking.

ECM solutions allow for the secure storage of files and limits manipulation to sensitive information by restricting access. ECMs should be used as they will establish the levels of access, give power to edit and view your company’s work seamlessly.

Enterprise content management ensures better disaster recovery. Files lost in disasters like fire can be quickly recovered.


10. Complying with regulatory requirements is a constant struggle

Organizations often have to follow other compliances, such as changing laws. As these regulations typically change with the times, it can be difficult for businesses to keep up with them when they’re a part of large workflows.

Enterprise content management software will make it easy to comply with a strict record-keeping system, and change current workflows as needed.



An ECM solution will help you become a successful company. These warning signs should alert you to the problems your business may have and offer solutions for how to solve them.

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