It is no secret that DMS solutions are important in the transportation industry. DMS systems, also known as Document Management Systems or DMS for short, can help to improve efficiency and reduce costs by ensuring that your company has easy access to all of its documents at any time. If you want to learn more about DMS solutions and whether they could be right for your business, then this blog post will provide 5 reasons why a DMS may be worth considering.

After installing a DMS, you will save $7440 USD per year approx.

Docupile helps transportation and logistics manage the following-

  • Invoices
  • Employee Records
  • Bills of Lading
  • Lumber Receipts
  • Toll Receipts
  • Fuel Receipts
  • Maintenance Receipts
  • Load Tenders
  • Truck Logs
  • Claims Paperwork
  • Contracts
  • The Taxes etc.

Benefits of installing DMS for your transportation and logistics industry-

1. Saving Time & Money-

Document management solutions offer scanning and storage systems that eliminate the need for paper mailings. This provides your staff with more time to dedicate themselves to other work tasks, as well as reducing the money paid out in off-site storage fees.

2. Faster Cash Collection-

Companies send their drivers and packages to various locations. As a result, there are delays in sending paperwork back so the company can bill clients and collect payment.

A DMS helps save space and time with its workflow and business process management features. This paper-intensive process can be computerized, resulting in an increase in the speed of billing and collection of cash.

3. Improving Customer service-

Instead of wasting too much time in searching, organizing and making copies of documents, customer support teams should spend more time resolving customer queries. A DMS offers them the time and opportunity to concentrate on their core tasks.

4. Improve document security and access-

There are sensitive documents the transportation and logistics industry does not publicize, like payroll records, medical tests of drivers, police reports, insurance documents. Installing a DMS means security and efficiency. Installing it protects sensitive information as well as provides a fast, convenient interface to retrieve file.

5. Reduce risk and manage disaster recovery-

Keeping paper documents in vaults is like storing them in a bucket of water. The papers are vulnerable to unreadable damage because they can be damaged by fire or water at any given moment. This is a huge risk for any company, especially when they undergo an audit or information request. Not only can this have ramifications on the financial security of the company but it also risks their reputation.


Your cabinets can’t keep up. The time you spend looking for paperwork ties up valuable business hours. Implementing a DMS will make records accessible and easy to search, minimizing the time wasted in this vital task.

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