Power and utility companies are in the business of delivering reliable power to customers all over the world. They need to provide a variety of services, from supplying electricity for homes and businesses to creating infrastructure that makes it possible for people in rural areas to have access. Document management software is an invaluable tool for these companies because it helps them stay competitive while also providing many benefits. Read this article as we explore five ways document management software supports power and utility companies!

1. Faster Project Turnaround

When companies can develop products and finish their projects smoothly, and they are better able to provide a product that is high quality. Document management software offers support in areas where project progression has slowed or halted entirely. The document management software provides benefits to the utility companies by automating notifications and updates, in addition to maintaining a tracked project for the company.

2. Efficient Digital File Management

The utility industries are converting to digital drawings and models to increase efficiency on a project or go green. This poses an issue for the industry of data storage, with the paper being replaced by scanner filing system software. DMS solves all the company’s problems related to complex file management. You can find any file quickly and enjoy efficient document management at the same time.

3. Efficient storage of expert knowledge

Utilities need to protect institutional knowledge as employees retire, showcasing not only technical expertise but also specialist knowledge. This will make it easier for future employees to step in and continue the success utilities have now.

4. Securing Data

Utility companies and the power industry are some industries where intellectual property rights are a serious concern. A DMS can assist in preventing this risk by only granting access to unauthorized people to appropriate information. With a few steps, you can back up these files as well, so if there are any file issues, they can be corrected easily

The ability to assign an administrator that grants a person access, based on the information in their profile

5. Version Control

Unlike the old process of hand-drawn designs, which required all to be drawn again and again when changed, digital recording is an ongoing process as a file saves each change. This has great potential for mistakes in email exchanging numerous iterations.

Using Docupile eliminates this risk, as only one user can make changes at a time. This is important in the utility and power industry because designing blueprints are critical to their work process; changing requires involvement from many team members.

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