It is important as a business to keep your official documents, such as sales invoices and correspondence, filed correctly so that you can protect yourself from lawsuits. However, when it comes to filing paper documents, creating a style with an alphabetically-sorted stack is not the way to go.

There is a misunderstanding between document management and document storage types; which one should you choose?

A company’s best solution for sharing and accessing their files is a document storage solution that can be accessed on the go.

Document Storage vs. Document Management

Since storing documents in a cabinet doesn’t work, some organizations are finding ways to automate business processes or workflow. Document management applications can render solutions for both storage and process automation.

Document Storage Solutions Only Allows To:

  • Store and find it -i.e. folder name, date, document name, document type.
  • Add documents to an electronic application
  • Secure your documents
  • Backup important documents to a data storage facility for safekeeping
  • Store documents online with a username and password.

Document Management Applications Allows To:

  • Seamlessly search for documents like you would Google.
  • Customizing document approvals will help you a lot.
  • Follow the flow of documents from user to user.
  • Create a retention schedule & an audit trail of documents to meet records management requirements.
  • Save Control Versioning with Online Document Storage Systems.
  • Schedule alerts to remind team members about a contract or document.
  • Manage emails automatically.

Secondly, what are the major differences between document management & document storage-Document storage plans and document management applications are confusing, so it is important to understand the differences- taking your essential paperwork or files & keeping them filed correctly and securely, so you can return to them at a later stage.

  1. You can carry out document management on your own, while document storage requires an external company support.

Paper documents can be filed away alphabetically or in folders, but the latter may not work for businesses with many employees.

Ideal document management is a software solution that allows you to easily manage your office on your computer or even online. More and more companies are choosing this digitally-based filing option, ultimately making it a common theme at workplaces.

Document Storage involves the use of an outside company to collect your documents and keep them safe from the office.

A document storage service vendor can discard documents that are no longer needed by you and your business. They will dispose of them after the deadline is set.

  1. Anytime, anywhere with document storage solutions documents can be accessed.

The document storage service used on popular platforms that are accessed across multiple devices includes the copying of your documents, which fixes security issues. The document management platform restricts the accessibility of your documents unless you store them on a laptop or desktop.

  1. Need not to worry about document storage.

You can search yourself searching a document management system for that file, with document storage everything is done for you, your business & customers – from the labeling of docs, scanning them in, to uploading them on a secure server you can operate anywhere & anytime.

When organizing your files or documents, it is essential to choose the type of filing solution that best suits your needs. If you want to free up your office space & time, document storage is the best option as you allow a trusted company to handle potentially important and sensitive paperwork. Document management lets you manage your own system with purpose built software while also running your business side by side.

However, when making a decision on which system to choose, you should first consider how big your company is & what industry it’s in.

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