Docupile is a cloud based document management software. It promotes digital transformation in the automotive industry. Docupile offers many features to help businesses manage their documents, like secure storage, anytime access, and easy file sharing. Docupile has the power to bring automation into the automotive industry that will help businesses confidently navigate the challenges of document management in today’s digital world.
Westside KIA is a Car Dealership store, located in Katy, Texas. Westside KIA serves Houston and the Sugar Land Areas of TX. They have a stress-free sales experience and a finance department that finds financial solutions to save you money.

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How Automation Revolutionized Their Dealership – Westside KIA

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What is Document Automation in the Automotive industry?

Automation in the automotive industry

Digital transformation in automotive industry is changing the old processes, and document automation plays a very important role here. Document automation in the automotive industry involves the use of technology to simplify the process of documents. This reduces manual work and errors. By digitizing paperwork like repair orders and customer records, the automotive industry can increase productivity.

Docupile & Westside KIA

Automation in the automotive industry

Docupile is a leading provider of document automation in the automotive industry. It helps businesses to simplify the document storage process. Westside KIA is a well known automotive dealership, that used to face challenges with manual paperwork. They wanted a solution to improve productivity and customer satisfaction.

Mark Adler, the Service Director at Westside KIA, says, ” With Docupile, as long as she puts the RO in, I have the history right away. It’s hands on, fantastic, and the best system I have ever had in 30 years here!”


Challenges for automotive Industry – Westside KIA

Automation in the automotive industry

The Docupile Solution


Docupile’s system helps Westside KIA automate paperwork, making things much better:

  • 1

    Less time spent filling out forms by hand.

  • 2

    Minimized errors and increased efficiency.

  • 3

    Enhanced customer satisfaction through expedited service delivery.

  • 4

    Improved compliance with regulatory standards, ensuring peace of mind.


Digital transformation in automotive industry helps in 3 ways

  • Do things faster and cheaper: No more time wasted on messy paperwork or mistakes. Digital tools make everything smoother.
  • Happy car buyers: With digital stuff, companies can give you a better experience, like easier car shopping online.
  • Stay ahead of the game: The car world is always changing, and digital tools help companies keep up with the latest trends.

Automation revolutionizes automotive operations by streamlining processes, reducing errors, and improving overall efficiency, thereby reshaping industry standards and customer expectations.

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