HR Automation is the best way to save money and time in HR processes.

Implementing HR automation will not only save your HR department tons of time, it will also help you keep up with changing legislation.

If you would like to automate your HR processes, adding this function is an excellent idea. You may be shocked at how automation could save your company both time and money in the long run.

HR is the branch that is responsible for taking care of the company’s most essential resources, which are – employees. Yes, you heard it right!

The HR department has diverse and multifaceted responsibilities, which include:

  • Employee-labor relations
  • Risk management
  • Policy Formulation
  • Employee training and development
  • Management
  • Compensation & benefits
  • Recruitment.

HR Automation – Definition

Automation in the human resources department is anything but freeing workers from their tasks, as it moves them up to higher responsibility. For instance, implementing the HR software also can assist you in organizing all of your company documents automatically, so you don’t need to invest a whole day on filing paperworks.

Other routine tasks can also be automated, like signing documents. Presume if you have a document management system like Docupile which would alert your workforce when there was a precise document they had to sign in. Instead of having to search for each and every employee who will need to sign and approve something, your DMS can do that automatically without being questioned.

Onboarding Saving

One of the smartest investments is in onboarding through automation which can save businesses up to 50% over the traditional process. According to research conducted, it shows that many traditional HR onboarding methods, such as training and paperwork, use up 11 hours of a human resources professional’s week per new employee at an annualized cost of $363. i.e -11 hours x $33 per hour.

Automating the onboarding process when there is a new hire can reduce this time in half, which quickly add up when you consider how many new hires your business joins annually.

 Savings with Paperwork Aspects

One profitable aspect of the HR automation process comes when signing and documenting company paperwork. By implementing e-signature software in your business, you can save money and time.

E-signature software can reduce a standard organization’s inefficiency and save up to 40 working hours each month,” says a research. In addition, digital documents can save you about $20 per document on printing and postage costs. This would add up to an annual savings of $11,000 in profits for the company.

Savings with Employee Time-Off Management Factor

Automating time-off management software saves HR professionals not only time but also the cost of unreported PTO (Paid time off). Implementing human resources document management increases the efficiency of your human resources department, and you won’t have to spend a lot of time tracking how much vacation time employees are eligible for.

There are many small and repetitive jobs in HR that can be automated, meaning your department would do more than just paper pushing.

You will be able to focus on employee engagement and company goal achievements rather than wasting time inefficient manual processes.

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