Human resources professionals are finding that cloud-based document management systems make their lives much more accessible with an ability to manage employee files from anywhere.

Cloud document management solutions can bring significant benefits to the entire team. HR professionals who use cloud based document management system for human resources can spend less time worrying about saving, finding and keeping track of files – which means everyone wins.

Human Resource file management system is an essential aspect of any business. The right system will allow your team to consolidate files and automate redundant processes, saving time for you as their manager. By focusing less on mundane tasks and more on people-oriented goals, HR can positively impact an organization.

One of the best ways to ensure that the HR records are up-to-date and accurate is through a reliable document management solution, like Docupile. Docupile has tons of features to help you get the most out of your HR files.

  • Eliminate Record Silos

Cloud storage for HR has become a more popular option with the rise in popularity. There are three primary flavors: Cloud Storage (which stores information on remote servers),

In-House File Share system where employees can file remotely or locally with full access to their computer;

finally, Document Management provides secure file sharing among various platforms.

HR departments are constantly looking for ways to improve their employee experience, but many organizations run into issues regarding how they store documents. The file-sharing system is a great way to share documents with others, but there are some limitations. You can’t always control who has access. You may not know if someone else’s folder contains incomplete information or something confidential since they’re only seen when looking directly into it.

The same issues as HRIS storage come up in-house file shares. A few extra red flags should make you suspicious of this type of cloud service. An in-house system is costly, but it also adds the burden of your IT team being required to keep everything running smoothly. It can be time-consuming and monotonous for them. If IT has access to the files, there could be a compliance problem.

The right HR cloud solution will improve your business. With a proper document management system, teams can:

  • To keep track of required and renewable documents in employee folders, you can run audit reports.
  • Instantly access files from anywhere,
  • An essential thing to remember about document access policies is that there must be rigid control over sensitive documents.

With complete control over files that different teams, roles and individuals can access in the system, there is no longer a need for record silos. Centralizing file management across the HR office is a great way to consolidate your company’s operations and easily maintain compliance. Staff can now access their files from anywhere, at any time, without the lag time typically associated with a record request or employee verification.

Auto-File Staff Forms

The employee’s file typically contains several forms they have completed during onboarding or post-hire. These include performance appraisals and other paperwork related to your company culture. HR professionals are looking for a digital solution because paper-based systems can be hard to complete.

Some HRIS providers have an onboarding module where new hires can complete their initial onboarding forms. Chris’s are good for standardized documents like tax forms, but they’re not very user-friendly and only allow certain input types.

HR has seen the importance of switching to a more flexible process for their forms, and they’re doing it. Docupile’s electronic signature solutions can be used to get any form completed and signed online. Instead of using pen and paper to complete the onboarding forms, you can use the Docupile form, which will save your time in post-hire like performance appraisals or policy acknowledgments.

The great thing about a flexible solution like this is that it can also connect to an HR-specific filing system called Docupile.

When everything has been completed and signed, it will be automatically filled in the employee’s digital folder.

Easily Manage Paper

The use of paper in HR can be a hassle. While it might seem like there’s an electronic solution for every problem, you’ll still come across situations where your HR team needs paper. We recommend creating a simple system to ensure that all these documents get into the right spot at any given time and don’t go missing in between employees or projects.

The digitalization of files has been a hot topic for some time now. With many Human Resources offices still in their infancy, it is only appropriate that this transformation be well-planned and executed before any negative consequences arise from such an endeavor.

The HR professionals are embracing the benefits of a scan-to-cloud filing system. Automated scanning tools have been developed to allow your team a shortcut through the file conversion process.

Docupile is the perfect solution for any company with an extensive employee database. The barcode scanning method allows you to convert and file an entire folder in one go, saving time!

A system is a fantastic tool for keeping track of all employees’ files. It can identify precisely how each person should be organized and store their information appropriately, making it easy to find when needed. With this fantastic new system, you can break down any batch of paper into individual documents right on your computer screen. Most HR departments can be paperless in 30 days with these two tools.


Think your HR filing system needs a tune-up? Give us a call today and see how Docupile can help you. HR professionals need a tool that will help them to be more productive. Our company’s cloud based DMS for human resources is designed specifically for HR departments. It has been assisting companies to work efficiently to spend less time on paperwork while still getting all of their tasks completed effectively. The days of paper-based filing are over. Streamline all your form processes with automatic scanning and centralize human resource file management system for the entire team to eliminate record silos!

Contact us or drop by today; we’d love to show you how it works!

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