An office is no longer an important place in the modern-day, with employees working almost everywhere. The Cloud storage systems has led to this change and many other factors, which have helped boost workplace productivity even more!

With the Cloud, records can be accessed from anywhere, even if you’re at a conference in Sydney and need to review important information stored in the office back at home.

It shortens the course of details, figures, and reports and makes sharing problem-solving ideas much easier for teams entrusted with important projects.

Research reveals that companies that make use of Cloud storage and embrace digital technology can become between 35% to 40% more productive. It is no wonder why so many firms are converting. A recent survey by TrackVia showed this pattern was not exclusive for those who were already using or planning on adopting such technologies-in fact, over half (59%) saw productivity benefits from embracing virtual systems, while 47 percent expected improvements with their existing infrastructure as well!

The four ways of many in which cloud storage contributes positively to the organization:

1) Communication and collaboration

Despite being spread across different locations, it is not hard for employees to stay connected when they have access to shared documents. This helps the team members work together more efficiently and with greater collaboration while also cutting down on any unnecessary losses due to poor communication within an organization, which can cost up to $62 million per year!

2) Simple to use and user-friendly interface.

If you’re looking for a specific file, it can take some time. That’s especially true when the wrong folder houses your search target! Cloud storage systems are usually fast at finding what we need, but they should make sure that their UX is straightforward and easy-to-use, so everyone has an enjoyable experience using them.

In addition to keeping search time short, our Docupile software provides an easy-to-use browser interface that ensures multiple locations can be accessed quickly without compromising on convenience.

3) Security and Privacy

The need for access to existing documents is a necessity in modern business operations. The introduction of the GDPR has created an additional layer with strict privacy laws that must be adhered to; however, it can slow down productivity, which could reduce company efficiency overall.

Cloud storage apps are designed to provide a haven for data and make sure that employees can work at their full potential.

4) Aids during times of key decision making

The problem with locating a physical file is that it can, at times, be frustrating. But more importantly, without the necessary information on hand, decision-makers will find themselves delayed in making key decisions that could cost your company new contracts or even lose business from valued clients.

With cloud storage, you can instantly access your important documents from anywhere with an internet connection. With that power of informed decision-making and knowledge at hand now, you can be sure that a decision will always be taken while the iron is still hot!

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