Working with creative thinkers is excellent, but it’s not always possible for those who need an answer quickly or on a budget or both. Manufacturing processes provide solutions for every industry, no matter how big or small. It is not unusual for people nowadays to have the insight that leads them towards creating a novel innovation. Still, unless this invention gets manufactured and put into use, it will just remain an idea. Imagine a world where your entire shop floor is in the palm of your hand. Docupile can help you automate and digitize all aspects, from inventory management to customer service – while also empowering other staff members who want to transition into this digital era. Docupile is the ultimate solution for any company looking to go paperless and automate its documentation process. Document Control Software can help you achieve compliance with stringent industry requirements while also streamlining, automating or digitizing every aspect of business within your office through its use as a document management system for manufacturing industry.

Workflow Management

From start to finish, the manufacturing process reveals a sizable market for document control. Docupile is a solution that will help you with your documentation needs. It ensures everyone has up-to-date information, and there’s no need for double-checking anything because it takes care of all this tedious work, leaving more time to do what matters. We ensure all the source files are reviewed and validated, then update reports to share them correctly. A file or folder containing all essential files is created to ensure everyone has access to confidential information. All stakeholders will have full rights, including attorneys and process owners. Individual rights are protected by providing only the necessary information to individuals. You may also assure compliance through audit trails that track which user accessed which file and for how long, along with access logs placed in ledgers to know who has been looking at your files. All you need to do not disrupt the transparency of your process is ensure that all relevant parties have access, and then it will take care of itself. They can upload a file to an already existing folder. It allows another round of access for stakeholders, where the ledger is stored. Rather than managing each stage separately, this will make it easier on everyone involved in making outputs available where they need them most–the accounting department.

Searching is simple

It is necessary to have an easily accessible and searchable file repository for all papers these days. With the extensive library of readily available files, you will be able to keep your information centralized so that everything can stay organized without any loss or confusion in finding specific items when needed. Docupile’s OCR-powered search can find any file you need, regardless of folder structure or clutter. To determine which document is being requested by the user (or program), Docupile employs data from images and text found in a scan manuscript picture, PDF etc. The process also takes into account other factors such as metadata. Furthermore, you may establish related files to carry all the information with you if needed. For example, an invoice or order for one vendor can be stored in this manner and accessed at any time without having another file open that requires additional space on your computer’s hard drive.


Versioning allows you to track the progress of a file and even Set up multiple versions for different purposes. You could get back to an earlier version if someone makes modifications in an attempt at creativity or experimentation- Docupile will keep your project files safe.


You are allowed to set up your workflow to deliver all approvals to team members through email, alerting them of a document’s need for evaluation. The same applies if you have any written permissions required to ensure everyone is on board with what needs doing before moving forward.

Automatic Retention and Numbering

With the immense number of files present in any modern workplace, it’s easy to get lost when trying to find your specific information. You can choose what numbering scheme you would like for all these different pieces so they don’t clutter up search engines, and confusion reigns supreme. But there is an even simpler solution: Automatic Retention Policies. It will keep specific reports at pre-established intervals before getting destroyed automatically after their time limit has passed.

It enables this without intervention from anyone else, but for another user who might need the same documents.


Docupile is the perfect solution for any production company to manage huge source files through Document Control Software. The three-layer deletion system and bank-level security will never lose your data while uploading a single file that’s over GBs in size. It allows you convenient control of significant media assets during post-production processes, such as editing video or adding sound effects onto still images from another medium like photography.

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