A study by AIIM found that 97 percent of organizations are now using some form of ECM (enterprise content management). But what about the documents that are born Digital Information? How can you make sure they stay that way? In this blog, we discussed how to capture and manage your born-digital information, so it stays in its original format!

So, what kinds of papers are we discussing? Here are a few examples of Digital Information:

Email: Most organizations rely on email to provide vital information. ECM software allows you to handle email not just as records but also as documents with attachments.

Social Media Stream: It is required that businesses treat their social media profiles’ post streams as documents.

Born-Digital Documents: Your choice of Efficient Digital Information Document Management software connects with the applications you already have, allowing you to easily join the main document pool.

There are several advantages to recording and storing that information. Learn more about using Docupile to document scanning storage software and store your documents.

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