Managing people is no easy task, and navigating through a web of documents upon that can make things look rather bleak. And this is probably what an HR must think of his life at times. But the technology today is a real boon that is here to help these people who are tasked with making the lives of the employees easier, and it is called Document Management Software.

Look at this list and find out how the activities that were a nightmare can go as smoothly as a daydream.

Accused of Wrongful Termination without DMS

As the number of cases filed for wrongful termination increases, one should never be in a hurry to terminate an employee without due process. You would have heard about companies being sued or fined because they acted too soon, and this is why it is always better to follow procedure when you think someone needs to go. But before all these, you need to ensure that all your paperwork is in place. Document Management System for Human Resources can help you store and retrieve all termination-related documents like emails, memos, letters etc. DMS will be your personal assistant who knows where the file is kept and keeps it until it is required.

It will also help record all the warnings you issued to the employee before the final termination. This all, if stored properly, can serve as solid proof in your favor. Though this might not seem like much, think about what if you could not track down the documents in time and had to be penalized for a mistake you did not make. To avoid that nightmare and think of the perks of having a document management system.

Compliance Audit without DMS

HIPAA compliance audits are increasing at an alarming rate because healthcare companies must keep track of all their privacy and security policies. DMS can help reduce the risk of HIPAA violations, decrease audit time & save you money by easily finding documents in question.

The features of an ideal DMS, like Docupile, like one-click search and user-level permission, helps in audit going over smoothly! Don’t believe this? Imagine a scenario where you are sitting for an audit. What will happen if DMS is present?

No more lost paper files

A Digital Document Storage for Human Resources ensures that all your records are stored in a digital format and can be accessed anytime. This way, you don’t have to worry about losing documents or them being destroyed by mistake due to obsolete policies. Plus, DMS provides an easy backup feature, so there’s no fear of loss from hardware failure! Imagine the amount of time & money it would save businesses when they digitize their data storage systems! All these features sum up one thing – efficiency for HR professionals who manage multiple tasks daily with limited resources. In fact, Docupile has made this process even more accessible with its intuitive interface, which offers effortless document management solutions without extensive training for the client.

When an employee has left your company, it is imperative that you get all of their paperwork back. If this isn’t done correctly, then there could be some significant issues like not having documentation for calculating unemployment benefits, etc. DMS makes it easy to store all employment-related files securely while automatically maintaining a version history, so if any changes are made, you’ll know who changed them when! HR nightmares DMS can avoid for sure!

Upon that, the cloud-based storage won’t be less than a blessing in case of some disaster struck your office, be it manmade, like fire due to electrical problems, or natural, like an earthquake.

This way, you won’t have to worry about losing any files because they are stored in a safe place. You will also be able to comply with audits and prove that your employees are not being harassed by someone who has access to their personal information! DMS makes it all possible.

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