Electronic document storage can be a huge asset to your business. With the rise of digital documents, it is now more important than ever to have a system in place for storing and retrieving those documents. PDF/A is an archival portable document format that will help you do just that. In this post, we’ll talk about what PDF/A is and why it’s so valuable to your business. There is a file format that offers convenience and benefits.

With PDF/A Optimize Your File Format?

You can use the PDF/A file format to optimize electronic documents. PDF/A is a file format that preserves and archives electronic documents. One solution is to save files in a format optimized for voucher information or set up to support scanned checks.

PDF files are self-contained. PDFs can be easily accessed electronically and viewed years later in the original format, rather than needing to be converted from their old file type into a new one. If you use different computer software, a PDF file will still maintain all of its information.

Non-editable PDF files are beneficial for long-term document storage as they cannot be tampered with. Having a coded file is beneficial to view the file after years.

There is no need for manual searches-

It’s difficult and time-consuming to find small pieces of information in large piles of paper. PDF/A is a format that will help you store any document from paper, for example, keywords or the author of an electronic article.

After extensive research, organizations will save time and money in the long run. Plus, there is no need to have an employee dedicated to search for information manually.

Small file size storage-

Files in the TIFF format will need more memory than PDF/A files to save. PDF/A file is designed to store your documents efficiently while maintaining the integrity of their content. Companies are starting to save their documents on their computer as opposed to storing them in physical microfilms.

Adopting an electronic document storage system will not only help you maintain compliance management of federal document management laws and company policies, but it will also preserve your files for long-term archival needs.

PDF/A is the safest way to store documents as it prevents changes from being made.


Preserving electronic documents is about going beyond storing valuable and sensitive information as traditional PDF files. When storing legal documents: compliance management, safe storage, and long-term preservation are a breeze with the PDF/A format. For the expert advice contact Docupile – electronic file storage solutions now.

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