Businesses are surpassing traditional archiving formats like the microfilm and paper. Electronic formats are most valuable to store information securely.

As we all know Digital Storage makes retrieval faster and cost-effective. There is a large portion of your documents gone digital, it makes no sense to print those documents for long-term record management needs.

PDF/A is the format that will help you organize a large number of stored documents. The PDF/A format is an archival Portable Document Format (PDF) that is designed for preserving and archiving electronic documents for long-term. There is a standardized file format that offers several benefits you can take advantage off.

1. With PDF/A Optimize Your File Format?

In the PDF/A file format you can optimize electronic documents saved using PDF/A format. It treats the file like structured data that is an extraction of an image file. Example- Save the file format optimized to facilitate voucher information or set it up in a way that it supports scanned checks.

PDF files are self-contained they can be accessed and displayed years later in the original format. While using different software programs the PDF file format will remain intact as all the necessary information is embedded within the file.

Unlike a word document, a PDF/A file format is non-editable. Hence, having a coded file is beneficial to view the file after years.

2. There is no need for manual searches-

Searching for small information in a pile of paper is difficult and time-consuming. But with a PDF/A storage system, you can store any information like keywords or author of an electronic document or set it up for automatic classification on the preferred metadata.

While conducting extensive research, it will help you save time and money. Plus there is no need of an employee dedicated to only search information manually.

3. Small file size storage-

Traditional files or TIFF files need more memory to save files as compared to the PDF/A format.  With the PDF/A file you can maintain the quality of your document while using a small percentage of memory. It is ideal for adding documents as an attachment to emails without taking any large amount of storage space.

Adopting an electronic document storage system will help you maintain compliance management of local laws like federal document management laws, company policies like safekeeping of health records in an archival format.

The unalterable aspect of PDF/A format makes it the safest way to store documents.


Preserving electronic documents is about going beyond storing valuable and sensitive information as traditional PDF files and TIFF files. When using a PDF/A format for storing legal documents compliance management, safe storage and long-term preservation of documents is an easy task for you.


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