The automotive industry has been evolving rapidly in the past few years with a high demand for efficiency. Document Management System (DMS) is one of the most important tools for any dealership to maintain efficiencies and transparency, making it an integral part of your business. DMS will help you present large volumes of weekly, monthly, and ongoing reporting that are required by your dealer networks to stay on top of everything!

Do you need a way to handle all the reports that you need to produce for your dealerships? If so, then Document Management System can help! The automotive industry has changed since we were kids. It is not easy now, but it does offer some advantages.

Dealerships have grown to be very big. They are now made up of many different units working together.

Most car dealerships use a system that helps them manage documents. It is called the DMS for Auto Dealership.

A DMS is a way to measure the health of your business. It means that you measure how many people come in and buy. It does not tell you about other things, like how much money everyone makes at work or how well they do their jobs.

What is the use of DMS Software Automotive?

Storage Location:

Documents are stored centrally in a way that they can easily be accessed at any time.

Locking / Unlocking:

You can lock all the important documents so that you are the only one who has access to them. You can view them, but other people cannot.


We can write a comment on the document. We can also tag it. We need stamps and a signature on them. We get email notifications when we do this.


Find and retrieve documents and files in seconds.


Document Management Systems have the capability to allow more than one user to view documents at the same time.

Version Control:

Document version control is a type of change management for specific documents.

Check-In or Check-Out: This helps dealerships manage version control of the documents during simultaneous updates.


Your organization does not need a language barrier to move forward. Your organization can use a digital system that supports different languages.

Audit Trail:

Keep a list of your important documents in one place. These are the things that you need to keep safe.


In order to avoid a lack of information, old documents need to be saved, which will be beneficial for future references.

Document Management and Capturing:

You can save some time by saving your files in one place. You can go to the file with the same interface from any computer in your office.

Ownership Overrides:

This permits administrators to keep ownership of documents for specific folders or users. Separate export rights keep the information from being taken out of the system without permission.

Documents Security

Combining Active Directory:

If you want to remember just one password, integrate your Docs-vault account with your Windows login name and password.

Built-In Reports:

Administrators can use the built-in reports to learn about important things related to documents, users, and other essential business processes.


When you have your document-centric business processes, try to make them more streamlined and less time-consuming. You can program some things to happen automatically in your business. You won’t have to do them yourself. For example, you could have the software pay bills for you automatically.

Hierarchy Workflow Dealings:

You can manage documents in your organization. You may not have enough people in a department to do the work. Add or remove people from that department so they can do the work.

Documents Links/Relations:

When you set up a document relation, it is like making a list. You can find documents with the list. It will help you when there are many documents in the place that is not with it.

Records Retention Roadmap:

Create policies for different types of documents and then follow industry standards and local norms when disposing of them. The company handles the life cycle of physical records and digital forms. They store them safely, classify them, circulate them, and then destroy or dispose of them.

Personal User Work-Spaces:

You can look at what you want on your computer. You can also put things in folders and create new files.

Document Previews:

You can see the contents of all types of files without their native applications.

Automotive dealerships are required to maintain records in order to ensure the performance of every individual. Connect with our Docupile DMS experts for more information today!

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