1. What is document management-DMS?

Here are the most common questions about Electronic Document Management in this FAQ blog post! You’ll learn what Electronic Document Management is, who can use it, and why you should consider using it. Electronic document management Since the past two decades, electronic filing storage has changed. It is now storing documents and scanned images on a server that can create the index, capture it. Today Electronic Document Management is related to Knowledge Management and Information management. It is a subset of them.

Using is helpful because of A document management system. You can organize your documents, so they’re easy to find, you can have


Document management systems can help you save money. They can also make you more productive.

2. How could my organization or company benefit from using a document management system-DMS?

Edit, annotate, capture, index, retrieve or distribute electronic documents and images on a LAN drive via WAN fax email printer internet or fax. A DM is a part of Enterprise Content Management (ECM), which’s a subset of Information Management (IM).

Moreover, Document management is a way to save time and space. You can file documents electronically.

People scan paper documents into a computer. You can do this when you make an image file. The document is filed on the computer, and you can add notes to the document.

3. We need to find a way to manage our documents. Store and handle all our CAD drawings as well as limit who has the ability to make changes. As we consider, what is an ideal document management solution for our needs, specifically?

A well-known and popular product, auto EDMS is an ideal fit for your needs as this is an ECM software solution for firms in the manufacturing, utilities, or engineering sectors.

You should have a plan in case of a disaster. You might need to close your business for a while if there is one.

One thing a business can do to protect itself is document management.

Ask these questions to yourself?


What information is important to us if an emergency were to strike?


How important is the security of client and employee records, accounting, and other company information?


4. How can we keep this critical information safe in case of a disaster so that we can carry on with our work as usual?


Always back up information to separate media sources in case one fails.;


One that may stay in the office and onto a server that is external.

One that can be stored offsite and taken. One thing you must plan for is how often you will backup this data.

Having several places where you can save your information is a good idea. Having them in different places will protect your work and money from being lost.


5. How are my documents screenshot taken/captured?

You can scan a document with a high-speed scanner or send it electronically through email, software, or fax.

6. How can my documents get retrieved?

Documents are indexed or listed by name, date, location.

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