You can save 20 minutes by using a document management system. A Digital document storage solutions will help you store and organize all of your documents in one place so that they are easy to find, access and share. You no longer have to worry about spending hours looking for the right file or folder- because it’s all in one spot!

  • Do your workers have to find the documents they need?
  • It can be easy to duplicate files or lose track of revisions when you’re working on a complex project. Furthermore, you are not unsure which of the two is correct.
  • Do you experience problems with your software’s version control?
  • Do employees still send emails to each other?
  • How about sending large files? Are you still using shared drives, FTP, or some other means to transfer those to your team members?

How secure are your files/data?

  • Can you restrict access to specific files or documents so that only certain people can view them?
  • How does the system know when documents are expired?
  • Document management is when you have documents that are stored and organized in a place.
  • In the past two decades, office management has evolved with new technologies. Document management is the process that organizes and controls documents within a company.
  • Document management includes systems that determine how the organization takes control of digital documents.

Software that manages documents and other files is a digital file management system in which you can store them, organize them, retrieve them when necessary.

When considering a document management system, what are some of the most important features that business owners should keep in mind?

A good document management system includes:

  • When you centralize your backup data, all the data can be found in one location.
  • Quick and easy to capture and upload.
  • Workflow features
  • Despite the small size, this device has plenty of storage space.
  • Folders and directories that are easy to find.
  • If you want to read reports online, then you can do that. You can also print the report if it is too hard to read.

 Secure File Sharing

  • Collaboration features are available, such as rating and commenting.
  • Rollback features, revisions, and version control.
  • Access Control and File Security are important tools to protect your data.

And most importantly, your document management system should be compatible with how the employees perform their job roles and make them more efficient.

Managing documents is key to staying on top of your business. Keeping an outdated system in place as you grow your business is no different from changing policies every few years.

The Pitfalls of Poor Document Management

Documents are vital for doing and growing business as they help employees carry on job roles in an efficient manner. Not having access to documents will lead to losses of time and money that could dwarf your best investment opportunities.

Sending documents via email is not only ineffective, but it’s also the perfect recipe for confusion in the workplace. The average office person sends 40 emails a day and receives 121. So when you send an email to your teammate, is it possible that it will get lost in the shuffle?

If you ask your employees what works best for them instead?

Are your teams, company, or workplace different today than they were when you established the current system? If you answered ‘Yes,’ you may need to make some changes.

Here are some of the problems with existing document management systems:

Wasted time and Frustration

Finding a document on your computer during an interrupted session or in between many other documents can be time-consuming.

The average office worker spends 28% of their workweek managing emails and about 20% of their time looking for colleagues/teammates who can assist with specific tasks or searching the company intranet.

What is a document management system? Here is how it looks and how it helps organizations succeed.

  • Making documents easy to find, store, and share with security.
  • Implementing a cost-cutting system will increase productivity, which is beneficial for everyone.
  • The intranet tools we implement daily are consistent with the software we use.
  • A comprehensive document management system in today’s digital workplace is efficient and be accessible from anywhere, and a smartphone – because companies in this niche are 13 times more digitally involved than the rest of the economic aspects.

Data integrity is vital because the amount of business data doubles every 1.2 years, and faulty data can result in a 20-35% decrease in profits.

Secure File Sharing

Regardless of the size, you can share your documents securely and easily with others. Simply drag-and-drop the file into a chat conversation—it’s quick, safe, and can be searched forever.

Collaborate on Anything

A lot of activities can be managed in just 20 minutes. Use Google Docs Comments for collaboration, measuring feedback, and engagement. The next time you bring up a topic for discussion-be in it for the long haul.

Smart Search and Easy Organization

The search bar on the intranet is an invaluable resource for locating documents. After searching by document name or keyword, filter your results by date, recipient’s title, and a number of versions created.

Built-In Reporting

Document management is a cornerstone of our service agreement.

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