Microsoft Dynamics is an ERP system that promises to provide a new, efficient way to go about your business. The truth is that hosting company data in the cloud offers endless opportunities for new business development and growth.

To start, let’s clarify a few terms for you.

“The cloud” is the most common term used to describe a network of data centers that host programs.

Software deployed on-premises is traditionally purchased and hosted on your own servers. These programs require IT maintenance, backup, upgrades, and patches from your own staff rather than the program’s developer.

With a cloud deployment, customers and IT departments won’t have to worry about all the hardware issues, data loss, or outdated infrastructure that were once impediments.

With cloud deployment, it will look like you are still running the same business processes as before. The difference is all behind the scenes. If you host your business’s data on our virtual servers, rather than using your company’s own physical server, then you’ll save all the money and labor required of owning such hardware. You don’t “own” the software you’re using and it’s run by a service provider.

The IT department will no more have to worry about hardware and software needs related to various applications, which reduces strain on productivity. Menial tasks will be a thing of the past for you and your business. You can now focus on other aspects, such as core business matters.

cloud storage

Cloud data storage helps your business to grow and maintain scalability. That means you improve Internet access without having to revise your IT infrastructure.

Cloud-based business processes rely on the availability of Internet bandwidth, which lends to data and information being readily accessible from anywhere at any time. This will allow for remote employees to access and share information in real-time, without logging into your servers with remote access tools. Any user chosen by you will be able to see the information available at his fingertips, increasing team efficiency, collaboration and document accessibility.

Moving to a cloud system is the key to success.

The greatest beneficiaries are those businesses that deal with tons of paper regularly. Cloud Document management systems such as Docupile transfer your scanned document’s soft copies automatically to specific folders on the cloud. It saves you the cost of physical storage space as well as eliminates the risk of poor document control.

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