Today, more and more organizations use document management systems to store their documents. These can be on paper, digitally or through a computerized system. With Docupile’s help, your organization can utilize the cloud and digitize its entire document management system.

For years we’ve been encouraging customers to switch from physical documents to digital ones. Cloud-based document management systems have become the norm rather than an exception because they offer more flexibility, ease and security. Read on to find out more.!

What is Cloud Document Management?

“Document management is the software that controls and organizes documents throughout an organization,” says Association for Intelligent Information Management (AIIM).

“Cloud computing is the process by which data are stored on multiple servers that can be accessed through the internet,” says Merriam-Webster.

In short, Cloud document management software helps control and organize documents stored on multiple servers accessed through the internet.

Why is Cloud Document Management the near future?

The cloud is the future of document management because it offers an easy, efficient way to access, organize and manage your documents – no matter where you are.

The SaaS industry has experienced immense growth in recent years, with an expected value of over $400 billion by 2025. What’s behind this boom?

  • The workplace is becoming remote.

It looks like Work From Home or remote work is here to stay. Amazon, one of the world’s largest employers, announced in 2021 that they would allow many employees at their company to work from home or whatever location is convenient for them.

The need for cloud document management is not limited to employees’ access to work-related content online. All businesses must have a solid system in place if they want their documents controls and data preserved properly across various platforms.

  • Cybersecurity is getting more Complicated.

The most robust IT teams face challenges in creating enterprise solutions for any cyber threats organizations face. The growing number and complexity of threats is a severe issue for IT teams, who simultaneously deploy solutions while answering helpdesk tickets. Cloud security is an issue that cloud computing has helped to solve. Offloading this responsibility from your company can allow it to stay up-to-date with the latest information while distributing resources effectively.

Clouds provide a safer way for businesses’ IT needs because they handle all aspects of data protection internally without any need or concern about what happens outside their walls. If anything goes wrong, there will always be another vendor available who specializes in helping fix things quickly.

  • The Digital Ecosystem is evolving.

The days when every line of business was managed within the same application or family of applications are long gone. Today, we use different applications for each area in an organization’s operations because changes to technologies and trends force us to adapt to changes quickly. As businesses evolve, so does the number of platforms they use to get work done. Today’s modern enterprise has links between different services such as content management systems and others for managing conversations across social media channels.

With the rise of technology, modern applications have become more specialized and interconnected. This concept is called composition because it brings together various pieces of an application into one holistic experience for users to enjoy – rather than having many different experiences with distinct functionality or aesthetics.

Benefits of cloud-based document management:

Managing documents and content in the cloud deliver a variety of benefits, including:

  • Robust backups of your data

The cloud is an excellent way to store essential data for long periods. Unlike local storage solutions, it’s backed up on thousands, hundreds or even tens of backup – meaning that you need not worry about losing critical information. The data can help make informed business decisions and keep things moving smoothly for your company. Cloud hosting by cloud providers is an excellent option for businesses because it can help you recover from disasters quickly. If one of the data centers where your backups are stored goes down, all of the information hosted there will be safe thanks to its remote location across different providers’ servers.


  • Protect sensitive information

The simple fact is that you can rest easy knowing your information will be safe with a cloud backup service. Automatic updates and patches often back these services to keep things running smoothly. They also come equipped (or at least able) with more dedicated staff to securing data in/from the clouds. Some cloud vendors, such as those in the finance industry who are heavily regulated and need to meet specific needs for security or compliance reasons, can offer specialized solutions. These add-ons could be built into your existing solution with minimal setup on behalf of your organization.

They are specifically designed to accommodate the needs of organizations that cannot or do not want to dedicate extensive staff and technological resources for cybersecurity.

  • Anywhere access

The era of remote work has led many professionals to move out from established industry hubs and set up their homes offices elsewhere. With cloud services, it’s easier than ever to collaborate and communicate with anyone from anywhere. This flexibility will allow your organization the opportunity for growth in how they acquire talent and support employees on-site or remotely so you can be more productive overall.

The value of anywhere access is not only how it can help business processes move faster but also in a more efficient way for employees to get their work done. Cloud-based processes make it possible for employees needed in a specific role during an emergency, such as when there’s been a disruption due to unforeseen circumstances. These people can work from anywhere. With remote access, your business will be able to continue with time-sensitive processes without delays because of one person’s inability on site. For staying competitive in today’s business environment, companies need to have the ability to address situations quickly and efficiently. It will help them respond more effectively when market forces change, or new opportunities arise, which greatly benefit your company.

  • Low maintenance 

Cloud solutions are great for businesses because they eliminate the need to purchase expensive hardware offer automatic updates that keep your system current with no hassle. Your IT team is now free to offload some of these items, which will allow them more time on new projects and procurements. They’ll also be able to respond faster to tickets that come in because they aren’t being held back by your company’s operations anymore. The IT team’s agile approach to managing business continuity will help the company stay afloat during any crisis.

How to choose the right cloud document management system?

It’s important to understand that not all cloud document management systems are created equal. There are no fast or complex regulations to decide which solution is best for you. However, here’s a list of factors that may help guide your decision:

  • Flexibility- is an essential factor to consider when looking at your options. Depending on your needs, you need the proper flexibility in both capability and pricing. Did you know that industries can change in an instant? It is why your organization needs to adjust quickly and efficiently when disruptions happen or market shifts occur.
  • The robust capability of a document management system is an integral part of determining its suitability for your organization. It’s vital to ensure the robustness or ability to handle tasks independently without help from other platforms. Integrating seamlessly into existing systems ensures future needs are met as well.
  • The compatibility of these systems with your current digital ecosystem is a crucial concern. You want to have the new system seamlessly integrated into most or all environments to be used as soon as possible without any disruption from other applications running at full speed already inside those same ecosystems. Systematic silos should be avoided in the age of content services, where different business lines exchange information frequently.


The journey to find a perfect cloud document management system can be daunting. With document management, you can ensure that your organization’s documents are safe and secure. Download our guide to know more about why organizations need this critical service for their business operations!


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