“How can I promote my automobile dealership or repair business if I don’t have any cash?” you might be asking. Don’t worry. Automotive service department software doesn’t need to cost a lot of money to make an impact. Here are some cheap ways to promote your business with Automotive advertising ideas that you may not have thought of yet!


In the past, automobile repair businesses could get by with simple websites and minimal social media sites. However, times have changed. Customers today want a polished internet presence. In reality, according to a recent poll, sixty percent of customers would want local auto repair shops to enhance their websites. It is not only about the appearance, however. Online scheduling systems, customer portals, websites and digital file management for auto dealership all make businesses more appealing to customers. Using key phrases that are Optimized for SEO and developing a dynamic social media presence may help you improve your brand and engage with current consumers. Fortunately, there are several inexpensive (or even free) solutions for these objectives that do not require you to break the bank.


There’s a good chance your automobile repair shop or dealership is already running special offers and providing service discounts, but unless people are aware of them, those campaigns won’t give you the results you desire. Paper marketing materials are costly and limited in terms of flexibility. Using the technology you already have, such as your phone system, is a cost-effective method to promote your automobile company. Custom on-hold messages allow dealerships and auto businesses to educate their customers about current programs while they wait, as well as allowing callers to stay on the line longer.


Key chains and coffee mugs are popular, but they don’t provide the greatest advertising effect. If you’re a body shop or an automobile dealership, prioritize license plate holders, air fresheners, sunshades, and other promotional things in your marketing budget. Make sure you’re buying high-quality goods that people will want to use.


Is your company known in the neighborhood? Connecting with the community is crucial for expanding your business, whether you’re a new dealership or a seasoned service center. Consider becoming a sponsor for your area’s sports teams, hold fundraisers, and become a member of your local chamber of commerce. Increased brand recognition will result from your active involvement in community activities, and you may be able to take advantage of tax write-offs.


Consumers are frequently suspicious of the automobile business. When they purchase a vehicle, they wonder if they got a good deal. They are concerned about paying for unneeded services when they bring their car in for servicing. Giving your customers rewards for referring you to other people is a good way to create more happy customers. Giving them something like a gift card, service credit, or holding monthly drawings are all good ways to create these happy customers. 94% of people who are buying cars today are finding information online, so make sure to advertise your referral program on social media.


Customers frequently do their homework before visiting a repair shop. They may wonder what that strange knocking sound beneath the hood is. What is the optimal time frame between oil changes? What vehicles have the best gas mileage? People will seek you out as an expert in your field if you offer the essential facts that they want promptly. There are many platforms that may assist you in achieving ‘thought leader’ status… Start a blog, conduct a monthly newsletter, host a podcast, and update your on-hold message to provide seasonal advice and useful information.

Slogans are out, and automobile advertising has moved on to more creative commercials and colorful newspaper advertisements. If you want to promote your vehicle dealership or shop in a cost-effective way, develop long-term plans and create a dynamic presence online, over the phone, and in the neighborhood is the most effective and affordable technique to grow your business.

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