The enterprises have started migrating their business data and applications to Cloud-based servers. Similarly, days have changed with ECM. Rather than using in-house servers and allowing access securely through the office, ECM System including DMS is extensively becoming cloud-based for remote access and maximum efficiency.

Storing physical files and documents in filing documents have become history. It is no longer reliable to keep hard copies of historical documents. With time, wear & tear causes historical documents to get destroyed. Also, it occupies much space in office as the business increases its growth.

Digital ECM has provided independence, security, and robustness to the traditional document management systems. Today, employees can get their documents from anywhere they want. A remote worker in a different geographical location can still have access to the projects from a smartphone.

Improving Efficiency

Physical storage of documents increases clutter in the workplace. It is also difficult to find records from an archive and ultimately results in the loss of employee’s productive time. ECM and DMS provide organized and systematic storage, process and retrieval system for business data. Digital ECM provides efficient search for documents, employee data, and other data warehouses that are used for mining.

Few advanced ECMs have alert and notification systems that notify the employee regarding a particular document and upon completion of the task, it informs to proceed with the next step. It is helpful when working with time-critical information process and eliminates irregularity up to certain extent.

These features of Digital ECM allows transparency along with keeping track of employee activity on documents and sharing. This information is crucial for the compliance audit. These enterprise systems aim to benefit the employee and the company eventually. Bringing the lower level employees on board to such ECM can help achieve optimal efficiency.


The ECM providers have various levels of security to protect the confidential data of clients. In-house server and network infrastructure are prone to manipulation and threats by any unauthorized access but not cloud-based ECMs.

ECM systems have various security protocols to protect the data which is shared across its users. It sees to the fact that only authorized users to have access to various critical documents. The client has control over who can view certain documents and ensures that employees don’t share it outside the network to unapproved third-parties.

The providers also guarantee the recovery and restoring of data during a crash-down or system failure. The cloud data remains intact in the event of a natural disaster or theft.

Location Independence

With the introduction of ‘any time, anywhere access’ to enterprises systems, the definition of workplace and office have changed drastically. Remote employees and freelancers can work from anywhere. Increasing trend of freelancing, rather than in-house professionals have contributed equally to the rise in the market of ECMs.

Traditional document management systems have struggled to implement such practices. They often lack the flexibility to work remotely and require assistance from IT support team. Lacking the factor of user-friendliness, these ECMs are losing popularity.

A study in 2017 found that the number of workers telecommuting has seen a rise of 115% in over just a decade. A modern workplace must consider secured sharing of documents and systems that collaborate with freelancers and telecommuters across the globe.

The cloud-based solutions allow teams to collaborate for working on documents in real-time. The client need not worry about the versioning of documents as provider updates it on a regular basis.


Among the freelancers and telecommuters, the trend of working on smartphones has increased drastically. A study in 2016 found that the number of workers using smart-phones for work-related activities comprises 60% of the total.

Phones allow workers to work additional hours outside their regular work timings. Though, how companies can provide security to data on smartphones that are not monitored is a question that remains.


Due to automation in every sector, businesses have begun to develop at a pace faster than ever. Cloud-based solutions have given freedom to the enterprises to grow at any pace without worrying for infrastructure and resources. Given the question for security, latest researches and development provide reliable and higher protection levels to the cloud. Docupile is one such Cloud-based document management system with top levels of protection. More than 5 million documents have already been stored on Docupile. For more information, Request a Demo.

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