We are all aware of the digital transformation that has been happening in various industries. The enterprises have started migrating their business data and applications to Cloud-based servers. Similarly, days have changed with ECM. Rather than using in-house servers and allowing access securely through the office, ECM System, including DMS, is extensively becoming cloud-based for remote access and maximum efficiency.

The evolution of enterprise systems has drastically changed the traditional model of how business data and applications are managed. Traditionally, businesses would store business files on in-house servers, which would be accessed securely through their office spaces. Now, however, ECM system, including DMS, is being hosted remotely for efficiency and accessibility purposes with remote connectivity to maximize access given the

Storing physical files and documents in filing documents is no longer reliable. With time, wear & tear means historical documents get destroyed. And it takes up space in the office as a business grows.

Digital ECM has given organizations a new level of independence, security, and robustness. Employees can get their information from anywhere they want. A remote worker in a different geographical location can have access to the projects on mobile devices.

Improving Efficiency

A physical document archive can cause cluttering at the office. Archives are also hard to search for documents naturally, which means lost time for employees and ultimately a slow production process. Digital ECM allows efficient search functions that make it easier than ever to work.

With ECM’s notification systems, company employees are notified about a document and provided with guidance for the following step. This aids in time-sensitive information processes and decreases irregularities up to a degree.

With the features of digital ECM, transparency for employees coupled with tracking activity and accessibility can assist in a compliance audit. ECM systems are beneficial for both the employee and the company. Having lower-level employees utilize such an ECM can help achieve optimal efficiency.


The ECM providers have a variety of security mechanisms to keep your files safe. Physical servers and in-office networks are vulnerable to attacks, but cloud-based ECMs are preferable.

ECM systems protect shared documents from unauthorized access by qualifying who can see them. The security features of cloud-based ECM solutions ensure that no employees can retrieve or send out sensitive company files to unapproved third parties.

Data storage solutions often come with a variety of additional benefits that can help business owners maximize efficiency. These include guaranteed data recovery in the event of an equipment failure and preservation during natural disasters and theft.

Location Independence

With the modernization of file management and access to enterprise systems’ any time, anywhere’ changes in workplace definitions have ensued. Increasing trends of remote employees and freelancers have contributed equally to the ECM market.

Older document management systems, which do not offer the flexibility to work remotely and require IT support teams for help, lack the factor of user-friendliness and are starting to lose popularity.

In over just a decade, the number of remote workers has grown 115%. This trend cannot be ignored by modern businesses, who must find ways to securely share documents and collaborate with freelancers at any place in the world.

Cloud-based solutions offer the teams a tool for collaborating in real-time on documents. With versioning handled by the provider, clients need not worry about keeping track of document versions.


The trend of freelancers and telecommuters using smartphones for work-related activities has increased. An analysis in 2016 found that 60% of those surveyed worked on a smartphone.

Phones allow employees to work outside regular hours, which can present security concerns for data that is not monitored.


Due to increased automation in all industries, employees have migrated their files and records across Cloud-based business applications. That way, they are able to grow at any pace without the restraints of infrastructure or resources. Recent researches indicate an improvement in the security of Cloud Storage for Small Business. Docupile is a great example, offering up-to-date protection for your sensitive business documents. Docupile now stores more than 5 million documents. Request a demo to see how you can better manage your documents at Docupile.

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