Scanning technologies are becoming more accessible and cheaper, which means there is now a clear chance of becoming a reality in paperless office work. The ability to scan documents in electronic copies stored locally or in the cloud is now a standard feature in any business.

What is Document Scanning Software?

Document Scanning Software is designed to replace the physical scanner. These platforms are equipped with the ability to capture a document and upload it directly to the forum. Documents can then be saved in various formats, such as as.PDF, JPEG, or TIFF. This new file can be sent as an email attachment or directly from the platform. The document scanning solutions often provide the ability to store and manage previously scanned documents.

Although virtually any business can use document scanning solutions, they are often used in corporate offices. They can be used by new hires from vendors to customers to contractors to HR agents. Inside can help many teams. These solutions can smooth out the scanning process and save on a large amount of paper. Document scanning software typically works with document capture software to ensure that documents are captured and handled securely.

We Have a Better Option for You Here

Not all document scanning software are created equal. Different programs differ in their ease of use and their effectiveness. What should you look for when selecting a document scanning solution? Is there a better all-around option? Absolutely, Docupile is the low-cost leader in the document scanning software.

Let’s walk through the best features of Docupile

Easy access

  • With Docupile, we do not restrict access to your documents. With centralized cloud document storage, you can access them from anywhere, anytime.
  • Accessing documents is as easy as browsing a website. All you need to do is visit the Docupile website and log in to your cloud account and access the documentation.
  • Documents can be accessed from the cloud whenever you have access to the Internet.
  • Documents are protected by file encryption, and login requires two-factor authentication.
  • Docupile restricts access to software to users outside of your location so that only users who can access your dealer network can access the software.
  • It has user-level permissions: which means that each user will have their approval level and restrict access to only specific section/folder files.


  • Docupile search engine makes it possible to locate documents with one click like VIN, RO #, name, check number, telephone number, transaction number, date or receipt number, etc.
  • And it helps reduce audit debt time by one-fifth as it saves users time retrieving documents and sending them to the auditor.


  • Simple monthly payment plans.
  • We don’t like you bound by long-term contracts. You can pay monthly on Docupile.

Will scanned software work with your scanner?

Scanners fall into three broad categories, and not all document scanning software works with all of them: network scanners, twin scanners, and standalone scanners.

Network scanners

  • Network scanners are usually large printers that can also act as scanners although their primary function is to be a Network scanners indicate that it is not connected to the computer and that the scans are stored in a folder on the cloud (or can be emailed to you).

Twain scanner

  • A TWAIN scanner is usually a small desktop scanner used to scan files on your computer, always connected to your computer via USB cable or wireless connection. Defining TWAIN means that a TWAIN driver is included. This is a very technical way that any program can be connected to the scanner. Most desktop scanners fall into this category.


  • On the surface, Standalone scanners look like TWAIN scanners. The difference? They do not come with a TWAIN driver. So the only program capable of scanning with them is the one that comes with the scanner.

Docupile makes scanning documents not only easy but also very efficient. Docupile fully supports searchable PDFs, multiple tools to facilitate bulk scanning, a built-in PDF editor, and a clean interface that users admire so that you can move smoothly from paper to paperless office. So get in touch today, if you want the best document scanning and storage solutions.

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