The medical sector is a fast-paced industry that requires time, patience, and efficiency. Without proper Document Storage, medical records and confidential documents can become disorganized and, in some cases, easily misplaced. As healthcare providers strive to simplify the medical records management process and reduce administration costs, many practices require freeing up valuable space and resources. More than ever, there is a growing demand for technologies that improve patient service, experience and care while reducing overall costs. The pressure to do so can be extensive for healthcare organizations, but if you want to keep NHS’s digital transformation plan going, you will be prepared to address these challenges.

What Are Medical Document Scanning Services?

Physical health records can be digitally converted, including patient charts, radiology films, X-rays, pathology slides, and more. It helps you store health records off-site and to our secure record storage centers. It can also provide you with electronic versions of the archive documents when you need them.

Medical Document Storage uses barcode technology to organize and track your medical records to meet retrieval requests, whether for patient care, electronic retrieval, or regulatory filing. It can also assist your practice by storing paper records and providing information services to respond to health information requests from patients or others.

How Does The Process Of Scanning Medical Records Work?

Digitizing medical records requires an established, well-designed, and detailed plan in which the records are digitized within an agreed timeframe. Below are the steps used in this plan:

  • The process begins with the preparation of digitizing documents and then packing barcoding and records into boxes.
  • The records are then safely transported from the hospital to the processing unit using a GPS van and a DBS certified driver fleet.
  • At this point, the recordings are professionally prepared for digitization and scanning, a complex process that requires careful attention to detail.
  • After scanning, the resulting records are processed, quality checked, and usually converted to PDF format. The files are then stored using the best document storage software, and generally, after more than three months, the original records can be deleted.
  • Records within the trust will be readily available, as well as available to the community through a secure, multi-tenant record hosting platform that allows individuals to access their medical records.
  • To obtain specific GDPR-related licenses for the use of patient records for research purposes, powerful tools can be applied to the digital vault, making it easier to access medical records.

The most important aspect of this project was the need for an efficient “live file” storage system. Many data sets are intended for clients that are currently supported by a cloud storage system. This means that records are in constant use and need to be accessed, updated, and saved again around the clock. After the scan, you can access all the files through our secure portal online portal if required.

Cloud based Document Management

With Docupile, your healthcare practice can simplify and streamline document management. The cloud based document storage solutions give health information professionals easy access to EHRS (Electronic Health Records) from a centralized document management system for HIPAA-compliant file sharing.

The Cloud based Storage Solutions Let You:

  • Digitize your files and access them using our secure medical document management software.
  • Provide mobile and remote access to all files when needed.
  • Automate your document workflow and improve productivity.
  • Remove duplicate files.
  • Limit access to confidential documents.

Docupile provides a suite of integrated medical records management solutions to help health care providers improve their processes and manage information effectively throughout their lifespan.

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