Construction document management software is essential for any company in the industry, but most construction businesses do not have one. The document management system is a software application that manages document changes and allows users to retrieve documents through an interface with search capability. It also provides features like document revision control, versioning, data archiving, and more. This blog post will explore five reasons why construction companies need document management systems and how they can boost your long-term growth!

1. Meet Your Productivity Goals:

Construction companies are overpaying on overhead costs averaging at $4.2 billion annually, and this is largely due to the lack of control and the need for work. 30% of the construction company’s work falls into potential modifications, but through structured planning, project management can be a significant boost to overall productivity in your region.

Implementing a comprehensive plan can solve these problems, but it also creates many barriers to overcome. Digital tools are helpful in planning and mapping contractors and subcontractors for increased productivity.

2. No Project Delays:

You are determining who should complete what task can be extremely difficult, causing inconsistent productivity in your projects. According to reports, up to 50% of a construction site’s workforce experiences productivity changes on the same site and up to 50% productivity change at different sites. Poor estimates for project completion dates occur as a result.

A document management system, like ‘Docupile’ for site monitoring and project collaboration, will help companies monitor all processes on-site. This tool will enable you to visually monitor your site’s productivity through a note system that improves team communication and engagement.

3. Prevent Labor Shortage:

Recent reports claim that 89% of construction-related employers are experiencing a lack of qualified workers. One downside with this field is the high rate of business turnover, which can cost 20% of an individual’s base salary.

Business owners in the construction industry should implement a cloud-based document management system that records daily operations and stores information about your organization’s competencies. This way, they can avoid losing valuable information if the staff decides to leave.

4. No More Accidents:

Construction sites are hazardous in many ways since accidents such as falling from heights can result in death even when injuries are minor. Accidental spills and interruptions may cause additional damages to the site.

Because this industry has yet to fully adopt digital resources, construction professionals must be diligent in their approach to safety. Accurately monitoring accidents, worker attendance, and other safety concerns are imperative. The construction industry has been lagging in its adoption of digital tools. By using safety and accident prevention checklists, you can predict and prevent accidents for your project.

5. Stay One Step Ahead, Always:

Construction executives have been slow to adopt digital technology, with more than 50% of firms in this sector spending less than 1% on this development annually. Despite these low levels, close to 40% say they don’t invest in tech initiatives because there is a lack of support or understanding for the need for them.

One challenge for construction companies is productivity. Construction practices are typically slow to adopt digital tools and innovation, sometimes due to a lack of understanding or simply because they are focused on optimizing existing procedures which will not be sustainable in the long term. This creates excellent opportunities for new construction companies that offer differentiating services with innovative digital systems, like document management systems.

Organizations in the construction industry that digitize and store their documents see benefits such as increased profitability.

Docupile will help you have a better perspective for your company’s future!

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