The construction industry has been a lag behind adopting digital resources. Although this practice’s advantages have been established, many decision-makers still view innovation as an alternative investment rather than an essential business growth tool. Many executives and top-level managers focus all of their efforts on optimizing business operations that threaten long-term productivity rather than developing innovation. Here are five reasons why document management system for construction industry could boost your business’ long-term growth and profitability:

  1. Meet Your Productivity Goals:

Lack of control and the need to work are costly problems in the construction industry. People can earn overhead costs of up to $4.2 billion annually. This information tells us that about 30% of construction companies’ work falls into potential modifications. In other words, the lack of structured planning to organize and streamline projects is a significant impediment to productivity in the region.

While a more comprehensive planning process can solve this problem, it can also be challenging. Implementing a structured plan creates many barriers that can jeopardize your projects’ execution, resulting in reduced productivity. The use of digital tools for site monitoring and mapping of contractors and sub-contractors, among others, greatly simplifies the planning process and enhances its efficiency.

  1. No Project Delays:

Successfully assigning tasks and communicating them promptly, and monitoring every action in your plans can be extremely difficult, resulting in inconsistencies in your projects’ productivity. According to studies, up to 50% change in productivity can be seen between two groups of workers at the same site and up to 50% between two shifts at various sites. This situation can make it very difficult to estimate delivery dates, especially in large projects.

A document storage software, like ‘Docupile’ for project management and site monitoring, will help companies keep an eye on all processes on your site. It will help you visually monitor and control your site’s productivity through a note system that improves communication and collaboration among team members.

  1. Prevent Labor Shortage:

In recent years, construction professionals have struggled to find suitable employees in the industry. According to a study, it was stated that 89% of businesses face labor shortages. Moreover, this sector also represents one of the highest rates of business. This situation is not only costly, as staff changes can cost up to 20% of an individual’s base salary but can also delay or stall business operations.

Cloud based document management that allows users to record daily operations can store information about your organization’s competencies and best practices in order to avoid losing valuable information if staff decides to leave, turning the digital solution into a real asset for business growth.

  1. No More Accidents:

Danger has always been a significant part of construction sites, as even minor accidents such as falling from a small height can be fatal in this environment. Accidental deposits on the floor, such as nuclear objects or unexpected holes or the opening of a wall, along with a piece of wood, can lead to accidents.

Due to this, construction professionals must be particularly diligent when addressing construction site safety issues. Accurately tracking and monitoring accidents, worker attendance, safety meetings, and other safety-related problems are imperative. Using digital tools to create and disseminate safety checklists and accident prevention checklists effectively can make a big difference to your projects.

  1. Stay One Step Ahead, Always:

Construction is not the most technological industry, as more than 50% of companies in this sector report spending less than 1% of technology annually. Also, nearly 40% of companies in this sector say they have no technical implementation due to a lack of support for this initiative.

This situation creates excellent opportunities for companies that seek to increase their productivity and differentiate themselves from the competition since productivity in this sector is inactive. In countries such as France, Italy, or the United States, it has even decreased. Hence, digital tools create an excellent opportunity for companies to stand out from the competition and dramatically improve results.

Digitization and document storage solutions offer companies in this sector the best opportunity to improve their operations and significantly increase their profitability.

‘Docupile’ is the ultimate Document Management System for a better perspective toward your business’ future!

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