Salesforce is one of the most widely used CRM platforms globally, and for a good reason. Salesforce has a lot to offer their customers, but many people don’t realize that Salesforce also offers document storage Space! Docupile is a leading provider of document storage solutions for Salesforce users. This article will discuss why you should implement Docupile into your business and provide some helpful hints about how to do so

Basics of Document Management for Salesforce

Salesforce document management tools are DBaaS, handling records for an organization to highlight market needs they can themselves take on. It helps companies deal with partner and client relationships productively.

Salesforce platform is a subscription-based program, so you must have a high-quality file to start with and plenty of document space.

Consequently, many companies look for storage systems with advanced protection against viruses and offer encryption on email notifications while user licenses are activated.

When choosing a salesforce file management system provider, we should consider the company’s success from Salesforce.

With the new Files in Salesforce, we can now store a much greater volume of data than previously possible. Any files you upload to Dropbox can be up to 2 GB in size. At the same time, documents are limited to 5MB.

Salesforce has many benefits for users, including nine ways that Salesforce makes your work more efficient.:

1. Reduced Costs:

Documents stored in Salesforce are more expensive than those held in SharePoint, google drive & google docs for external users. It is suitable for salesforce file storage costs and will make it possible to achieve anything you need. The anterior costs of Salesforce depend upon which plans or Clouds one is choosing and for how many users.

It is necessary for people in business today to check they have the correct software and get a reasonable price for it.

Cloud-hosted CRM’s are most prevalent nowadays and are the go-to option unless one has any specific concern regarding server uptime or compliance with data regulations. It also involves lower upfront investment making it suitable for startups and small ventures.

2. Real-Time Availability:

Salesforce is the tool for reporting and storing all company data.

Documents Tab enables to keep Visualforce files, for example, a custom logo in folders except confiscating them to files to use documents anytime when needed. Enhanced transaction security provides the aptitude to monitor a collection of real-time events and assess them against a defined policy. If the policy’s guidelines are met, one can block the user from performing the action or sending an email to a delegated user. An excellent way to explore real-time events is to use Streaming Monitor App provided by Salesforce Labs. Streaming Monitor empowers users to select the type of event and then subscribe to several events operating the light-emp-API

component. To stimulate the circumstances, the user has to drive to the possibility of using and enabling streaming or storage. As soon as the event is promoted, there are three main ways to take benefit of the events:

You are streaming them.

You are Storing them in big targets.

You are using them to calculate transaction security policies.

3. Document Versioning Control:

Use Salesforce to archive, share and document every stage of the sales process. Increased control and visibility mean less waiting for you.

Salesforce Tools also enables the classification of documents by multiple criteria. It also enforces tagging for simplification of document searching. A strong search engine allows one to look through file text and its properties, including title, description, tags, supporting multiple filters for classification of search results, bringing search reports with an actual amount of detail. Salesforce process builder teams who assess version control emancipate higher quality code persistently. It also supports them in introducing fewer bugs, maintaining better reporting and visibility, and having a suitable ability to reinitialize changes. It favors a more desirable relationship with the end-users and quicker project delivery.

Version control is a well-originated concept in many software languages and platforms; and is one of the key innovators for proficient Agile Development. The hosted version of a version control system is the most incredible option for many Salesforce teams. The established providers rely on big companies globally and have exceptionally robust data protection and upgrade policies. Choosing an on-premise solution does have a value of consideration and extra costs and knowing how to access hosted Systems such as Salesforce or Gearset. Keeping things accessible to understand enriches development speed and makes maintenance and training much more uncomplicated. Version control is specifically designed to assist teams in creating, tracking and extending new features. It should not be considered a backup of Salesforce environments for disaster retrieval purposes.

4. Maintain Salesforce and on-premise examples:

The integration between two Salesforce instances is achievable.

To reach accessible documents and share them, switching back to Salesforce Classic is necessary. It enables users to battle agitation while shuffling.

Salesforce exemplifies performing day-to-day tasks, for example, accessing email templates or quitting Lightning altogether. A better option for this is turning to Salesforce.

5. A single view of all Salesforce files:

Salesforce is an easy-to-use web-based platform that allows better file management across hierarchies. It keeps all communications in one easy place that is interface-driven. Salesforce worldwide search finds external documents once one integrates an external document database with Salesforce.

6. Increased efficiency:

In salesforce records, the ability to embed functionality into Contact, Account, Opportunity, or Project pages is helping users be more productive throughout their day. Salesforce Content provides easy but needful automation options. The user benefits from subscribing to files, authors, topics, and absolute libraries to speed up the latest updates. It is an excellent feature to bring in marketing materials for sales to elevate knowledge transfer.

7. Enhanced security:

Policies within Salesforce need to be implemented to ensure that users will only be able to access the hosted content their credentials allow, instead of enabling all users with Salesforce access to all documents tab.

Salesforce also comes up with a mobile app for sufficient configuration; to be precise, one can access files but can’t arrive at Documents. Users have the advantage of viewing and sharing content and using global search to access files in libraries.

Mobile App is completely free for Android and iOS users.

8. Seamless Digital Signatures:

Using an open API and UI/UX data-driven design has helped Docupile eradicate the limit of what a document management solution can be.

Additionally, the ease of authentication and signing documents in Docupile will make it invaluable to Salesforce’s existing product line. It provides faster and more approachable content rather than the non-native options. Digital Signature facilitates users’ quick and easy access. It is impressing clients with a trendy e-signature experience they will like. It is also passive of absolute safety and security regulations.

9. Mobile App Augmentation:

The importance of mobile devices is becoming more and more apparent with solutions that extend the business process.

Salesforce users value the mobile app but appreciate an in-app document management professional edition.

Sales-centric organizations are starting to realize how important it is for clients to be seen because they are nearly treated on the same level as customers.

The Affect of Salesforce File Storage Costs

Many customers have shared the effect that storage costs have on their businesses. Some have stated that they were processing millions of transactions and spending tens of thousands of dollars each year to increase the Salesforce storage usage for payment data.

Usually, many Salesforce users receive approx 10 GB of file storage for standard package editions. Each record takes around 2 KB on average. Storage of a single month of business transaction data requires approximately 2,020 Mb of additional data storage. Salesforce generally charges 125 dollars per month for 500Mb of extra storage data. For 2020 Mb, a business pays 500+ dollars per month to store a single month’s worth of data.

If the user is not offloading older payment data to an alternate storage solution and is running a higher volume of transactions, the amount of storage will compound each month.

In simpler words, the business would need to pay an extra 500 dollars the next month to store transactions from both periods. After some time, these storage costs can easily equate to tens of thousands of dollars in extra expenses.

Salesforce Files is the most advanced and newest way to manage and share files and create powerful workflows.:

  • Search Salesforce for Files
  • Preview files
  • Follow Files
  • Upload any file type
  • Share with other users and groups
  • Share with customers by generating links
  • Attach Files to Chatter posts.


Salesforce edition consultants may configure a platform to bridge the functionality gaps depending on users’ needs. The best possible solution is to extend file storage limits by integrating Salesforce with an external document management system. Salesforce integration with a document management system is more economical than supporting OOTB capabilities.

Salesforce Files has successfully consolidated its file management not to use different data and file home management tools.

Files also streamline the entire following, uploading and sharing content more efficiently than ever in unlimited edition.

To learn more about Docupile’s document management solution for the salesforce knowledge base, visit our integrations page or contact one of our experts today.

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