Regardless of where your IT infrastructure is physically located, a disaster can strike anytime. No matter how secure your IT network is, natural calamities are the ultimate superpowers that can damage the servers and other computing resources to a state of being completely irrecoverable.

Not just natural disasters, business firms anywhere around the world are susceptible to get damaged by fire and water due to a major accident or flood waters. Many areas are prone to suffer from epidemic or act of terrorism that may lead to a temporary shutdown of business processes in that location.

Even if a disaster strikes, cloud-based ECM can work as the firm needs to continue entertaining the clients’ needs. Firms that leverage on document management solutions by Docupile can stay confident about their business processes without worrying about loss of data.

Drive Speedier Responses

A significant benefit of Docupile’s Document Management System Solution is that employees can upload, store and access the documents virtually from anywhere, anytime with internet access. If in case the employees are not able to reach the office due to an unforeseen event, they still have access to the client records from laptops, tablets or smartphones.

The enterprises can remain at a greater peace-of-mind knowing that all the business data and client records are safe with the cloud systems. Docupile makes critical data available and accessible round-the-clock even if the firm’s IT hardware is damaged.

Easily Changeable Access Controls

With ECM and DMS, it is fast and easy to change the access permissions whenever necessary. If a critical record is left pending due to the absence of an employee, the access controls can be modified to retrieve those documents.

For example, if a workplace becomes inaccessible to human contact due to heavy snowfall, you can temporarily re-provision the access rights as needed. You can grant document and workflow access from another office which is unaffected by the snowfall.

Changing the access controls from distant and unaffected workplace ensures that someone will remain available to answer the client’s queries and provide services even if the central office is not able to work temporarily. This could lower the risk of the client’s frustration and complaints. It also assures that your firm is always prepared for worst.

In a few clicks, you can return to the previous settings by editing the access permissions.

“Business as Usual” after Tragedy

Storing critical business data, documents, statements and other records can help enterprises to continue operations, even in the face of an unforeseen or sudden disruption that could have otherwise brought catastrophic result.

No firm ever wants to face a disaster. However, every firm needs to be prepared all the time to implement the disaster recovery plan and thereby to save business documents and records.

Docupile is one such cloud-based document management system that securely stores the documents from small and medium scale business enterprises to various distributed industries. Docupile has robust plans for recovery and backup of critical business data. Clients already store over 5 million documents. For more information on Docupile, Request a Demo.

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