The Crazy World Buying Remote Car has been around for years, but with the COVID-19 global pandemic in full swing, more people are interested in finding ways to buy what they need without leaving home. But with remote car buying come a whole lot of risks that many new remote buyers may not have even considered before. We’ll discuss all the different ways remote car buying can go wrong and how it will impact your life.

Remote Car Buying in a Global Pandemic

In the nowadays of the epidemic, many county and local governments were issuing their own stay-home orders, but state-level orders soon followed across the country. In California, it was Thursday evening, March 19, when Governor Gavin Newsom issued the state-wide shelter-in-place directive. Every state has the power to determine which “non-essential” firms must close and which “necessary” ones can stay open.

It’s been difficult for auto dealers to figure out where they stand in confusion. Car repairs were considered necessary, but sales were not, with the exception that remote sales may be conducted, Then the decision was made that dealerships might be physically open for sales, but they must adhere to social distance and sanitization standards. Many potential vehicle buyers are hesitant to go out and about in person to look for a car because of the risks involved. On a happier note, the number of employed individuals who can’t afford a vehicle has increased in recent years. For individuals who do require or desire to purchase a vehicle despite the pandemic, we offer an efficient solution that can help them achieve their objectives. On the other hand, there are more alternatives these days to purchase a vehicle remotely, which means that it might be feasible. Yes, but buying a vehicle over the internet entails several dangers. This article will assist you in comprehending the disadvantages of purchasing a car from afar.

You Thought The Vehicle Was Going To Be Something Else

It’s incredible how many consumer reviews you’ll come across from dissatisfied consumers who took one of the big car buying companies. Of course, the websites of these firms make every vehicle on their listings appear to be stunning. They have questionable business practices when it comes to how they represent their cars. Customers are frequently supplied vehicles that have not even been reconditioned inside or out! The website’s images appear to overlook scratches, dents, and scars. Then there’s the inside, which clearly hasn’t been cleaned thoroughly by the previous owners! Customers are always shocked to find sticky surfaces, food and candy wrappers, and even food itself in their trash. Worse yet, when consumers acquire a vehicle that smells like cigarettes, they are not only dissatisfied but also embarrassed. In today’s society, the belief is that most individuals do not care about a smoker’s automobile. If you read the print on the major remote car buying firms, you’ll discover that they don’t guarantee that a vehicle is tobacco-free, so you’re stuck with it.

This isn’t even to mention major mechanical issues, broken equipment, or repairs that should have been made. Broken seat belts, incorrect third-row seating that was supposed to be there, vehicles indicating they have been in flood, and bullet holes that have been roughly patched and painted overabound. In a nutshell, large remote vehicle buying firms have widely various reconditioning methods and frequently fall short by a long shot. Although the dealership firm does make the purchase procedure very quick and uncomplicated, you have no clue what you’re really buying most of the time, and it frequently isn’t what you want.

Delivery SNAFUs are Common

If you choose to buy a car from an automobile dealer, you must make the delivery happen by appointment. Many of those appointments, however, are eventually postponed. The firm doesn’t mind if you plan to drive the car somewhere. They don’t care when they inform you the delivery will be delayed, even though you took time off work to pick up the automobile. The firm also isn’t concerned whether or not you sold your other car. Are you following the trend? The faceless corporation that is selling you this automobile doesn’t care about you. If they did, they would take responsibility and go above and beyond to correct any issues. They will not, though. Then, when you do finally acquire the car and learn that it has issues and flaws, it’s adding insult to injury.

Customer Service and Returns are a Nightmare

Even if the first two points weren’t bad enough, having a problem that must be addressed offline may lead to another tragedy. Consider how simple it was to choose a vehicle on the website? On the website, it looked fantastic, but now that it’s here and everything is wrong. This is a case study for you: Don’t buy a car without seeing it in person or test-driving it. Maybe there’s a seven-day return policy for a full refund, right? Maybe not. When you call customer service, you may expect to be helped. But instead, you get a roundabout on returning it, and your seven days are up, leaving you in a bind. The company may offer you some money for your troubles. But they will not be able to fix the problems with the car. The company does not do good business practices.

The Financing May Be a Huge Pain in the Head

If you’ve done all of that, there’s still the possibility that financing won’t go through. The majority of used car dealerships lack a dedicated finance department that lends you the cash to buy a vehicle. Used auto loans are financed by several lenders, who work together to provide the funding. Even if you have a wonderful experience with remote car purchasing on a national scale with one of the major firms, you may find that the financing is an enormous pain. While it isn’t the used car dealership itself causing your financing difficulties, it is indirectly their fault for working with a bad lender.

Some people need to pay off their balance with a cashier’s check. But they are asked why they do not make their regular monthly payment. If you decide to go with one of the major remote car purchasing businesses, make sure to inquire about who handles their financing. You might not like what you find. Look for recent feedback from clients who have used the financing company’s services (or haven’t). Rather than using the dealership’s preferred financing partner, arrange your own financing. Even better, go with a more respectable local used automobile dealer in your region.

Auto City Is the Least Risky Way to Purchase a Remote Automobile

You’d believe that large-scale remote car buying firms make online vehicle purchasing a breeze. It’s their entire sales pitch, and they’ve discovered how to make everything appear fantastic when you shop on their website and select your automobile. After that, things frequently go wrong. Auto City believes you deserve better than this. We’re a San Diego County used car dealership that does things a little differently. During a pandemic, we are open for both sales and service, and we are following all social distance and sanitization procedures. You may also purchase online from us, and you won’t have to go through any of the difficulties described earlier. Here’s why:

Quality Used Cars: We specialize in late-model vehicles with fewer miles that are in excellent condition, the sort of vehicles that deliver far more value for your money than a brand-new automobile. Our pricing is upfront, fixed, and competitive. You will never have to negotiate with us.

Free-Delivery Test Drives: And we don’t expect you to buy a car without test-driving it first (though you are most welcome to do so if you want). That is why, even though we have a vehicle from our inventory in San Diego County, it will be delivered to you and your needs anywhere convenient for you and your schedule. It’s free. There are no strings attached—there are no obligations or responsibilities.

Reconditioned Right: We wouldn’t sell you a car that hasn’t gone through our rigorous reconditioning procedure. We can provide a warranty on every vehicle we sell, as well as a three-day money-back guarantee – no questions asked.

Financing for All: We don’t provide car loans, but we do excel at finding them for you. We have strong ties with several of the best lenders in the business, including credit unions. When we bring competing businesses to compete for your business, you’ll get better pricing and terms, even if your credit score is worst or you have a bankruptcy on your credit report.

Excellent Customer Service: We gladly direct you to unsolicited customer feedback on platforms such as Google and DealerRater because we’re proud of the excellent feedback we receive!

It’s time to discover the Auto City advantage if you live in San Diego County and don’t want to take the major hazards of acquiring your next vehicle from one of the big remote car buying companies. You may also purchase vehicles from us in person at our El Cajon location or online, then schedule a free-delivery test drive to see it and drive it on your own time, on your own terms. It’s vehicle searching you’ll enjoy because we let you take the wheel—no pressure and no underhanded sales tactics.

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