Does your document storage system need an upgrade? If so, there are many document storage solutions to choose from. But today, we will discuss the docupile as the best document management solution for any company.

What is docupile? It’s a document management and storage that helps your organization manage its documents in one place and makes them accessible anywhere at any time. With features like document scanning, indexing, categorization, and collaboration with external stakeholders, docupile can help make your office paper chase great again!

There is a new way to store documents. But if you still want to keep your old way of filing, it’s okay. Almost 30% of people still do this.

It has been a long time since there was an email, and faxing was new in the market. A long time ago, computers were big and not the same size as they are now. They had file cabinets in the basement that served as their memory. Today even your phone can store information.

In a school, old files are still used. It will take around 18 minutes to find five files in one day. This means that an employee will spend 90 minutes a day searching for old documents.

This is what it is like to work in an office with paper.

Great Office Paper Document Chase - Docupile

End the not-so-great paper chase by using Docupile. Docupile will store all your documents in a way that is easier for you to find. You don’t need to look through papers.

The not-so-fun office paper chase ends with Docupile.

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