Hiring, be it because of the company’s growth or be it because a company makes seasonal hires, can be a tedious and tiring process for the HR personnel. It consumes a lot of time and if you are not using a document management system to automate the filing and routing of documents, it can be challenging to keep up with everything that needs to get done. But what if there was an easy way out?

You might be using or considering some recruitment software. But it has limited utility and can be used only for a particular process and period. But using a document management system to automate the filing and routing of documents is not only limited to HR-related functions only. It also helps professionals in other departments like sales, marketing, finance or even software developers who need to file away customer information for future reference. This extends the utility of the software beyond just one department and a particular period.

Hiring Process made Easy with DMS.

A document management system not only automates the filing and routing of documents but also helps to automate several other processes related to hiring. The first advantage is that it eliminates redundant paperwork by organizing all files in one place, so every authorized person has access to them at any time. It even reduces human errors during data entry as they can simply scan paper forms into digital format for better accessibility. This also eliminates the manual effort put into doing so, and the burden of an additional person’s salary is also saved.

Another feature that makes using document management software beneficial is its ability to create folders within itself or on your desktop, making it easy to locate information whenever required. You can now store resumes, employee records, customer profiles, and interview notes in different folders depending on the type of candidate being hired.

Apart from this, another advantage of using document management is that it allows storage of old files for future reference so that if needed, one day you don’t need to hunt down through piles or boxes for old files.

Another benefit of using document management is that it has built-in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and barcode technology which makes the documents easy to find. With this feature, one doesn’t need a separate step for searching files or folders as everything becomes automated with just a click of your mouse.

Document Management also helps reduce errors made by staff members, such as the misfiling of documents. This happens because employees do not know where they have filed something due to a lack of organization. Furthermore, mistakes by staff result in duplication, time loss, wastage etc. But when all information is stored under proper categories, there are no chances for error making hiring processes more effective & quick.

Onboarding – The following processes also become more manageable with DMS

In the case of recruitment software, employees have to upload their resumes and profiles in different places, which becomes a tedious task. But DMS helps you better; while onboarding new employees, they can access their profiles and resumes from the same place they were stored in before. This folder created for every employee during the hiring process can now be used for the entire term of their employment and keep all their other relevant documents.

This process is automated and made easier with a DMS as the documents are already there in your system.

To automate this, you need to set up an automatic onboarding workflow that will automatically create required folders for each employee based on what they have filled during their profiles and resumes creation. Furthermore, specific files should be filed under the private file category so that only relevant people can access them while others won’t see any information about other employees’ health records etc. This way, it becomes easy to maintain the company’s compliance rules without getting into trouble by following legal policies such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Use Docupile for your hiring and onboarding process

Use an efficient Document Management System such as Docupile to automate all filing and routing of documents during the hiring process. Docupile can also be used for other functions within your company, such as service desk requests, purchase orders etc.

Of course, there are many ways an organization can benefit from using a DMS. For example, document repositories help protect sensitive data while still allowing authorized employees access when needed. They also make sure that everyone follows the company’s internal procedures, which reduces unnecessary risks.

This tool has utility way beyond just hiring and onboarding as it can streamline any process and make it much more straightforward.

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